CYNO – COMPLETE GUIDE – Optimal Builds, Weapons, Artifacts, Gameplay Showcase | Genshin Impact

Everything I (currently) know about Cyno in one video! Weapon options showcased, talents, constellations, artifacts, team comp explanations and more. Enjoy~
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Cyno First Impressions:
Cyno Weapon Comparisons:

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0:00 | Intro
0:26 | Talents & Playstyle & ICD
6:27 | Recommended Cyno Stats
7:34 | Optimal Weapons (Top Practical Choices)
10:27 | Optimal Artifacts & Stats (On-field Electro DPS)
14:00 | Constellations (Frontloaded value)
16:20 | Team Compositions (Dendro related & Cynational)
18:37 | Gameplay Showcase
23:49 | Closing Thoughts

Music provided by Monstercat:
Astronaut – Rain
Outro: Valence – Infinite (NCS Release)

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44 thoughts on “CYNO – COMPLETE GUIDE – Optimal Builds, Weapons, Artifacts, Gameplay Showcase | Genshin Impact”

  1. thanks for your patience and manifesting cynos for all cyno wanters

    this guide contains a more accurate normalized chart for cyno's weapons to clear up confusions in the weapon comparison video
    candace full guide coming soon!

  2. Okay so i want some help with cyno's build
    I have him at 65-200crit and 160er skyward spine 310Em since i don't have any good weapon i decided to run him with skyward any tips?

  3. i think quickbloom team with beidou and barbara is also worth mentioning since it combines the best parts of quicken and hyperbloom while making use of both cyno's multipliers and EM

  4. this maybe not to the topic for the video but i'm just wondering out of curiosity if anyone could say if Cyno's signature weapon Staff of the Scarlet Sands could work for Hu Tao?
    i would like more of a simple brief explanation (if possible) if it doesn't work and if you feel like needing to explain in detail then go ahead ^^

  5. Cyno is great having lot of fun with him built him pretty amazingly with 70 CR 240 CDMG and 400 Em w scarlet sands extremely happy w his performance just needs better dendro driver like nahida

  6. no joke, Cyno is the only reason why i can got rid of both Zhongli and Kahuza out of my team since he need more reaction based support, and now i can finally learn to dodge again


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