Genshin Impact ALL Mondstadt Character Lores Summarized

A compilation of short 1-2 minute summaries for every Genshin Impact character lore!
Intro: 0:00
Amber: 0:19
Kaeya: 1:17
Lisa: 2:28
Barbara: 3:32
Razor: 4:54
Fischl: 5:52
Bennett: 7:09
Noelle: 8:24
Sucrose: 9:27
Jean: 10:56
Diluc: 12:06
Mona: 13:36
Venti: 15:03
Klee: 16:27
Diona: 17:44
Albedo: 19:31
Closing: 20:55


38 thoughts on “Genshin Impact ALL Mondstadt Character Lores Summarized”

  1. I'm not the only one who thought Diluc was "Batman-like" right?
    (Also awesome work compiling all of these together, the lore in this game is crazy good at least that's what I think)


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