IS ALHAITHAM WORTH IT? | Genshin Impact Review

IS ALHAITHAM WORTH IT? | Genshin Impact Review

Today, we are looking at alhaitham and if he is worth summoning in Genshin Impact’s 3.4 Update with the brand new edition of the Lantern Rite Festival. Alhaitham is such a fun character but with the rerun of Hu Tao and Yelan with the staff of homa and aqua simulacra weapon banner is he really worth it with those coming up? Watch the Video to find out!

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17 thoughts on “IS ALHAITHAM WORTH IT? | Genshin Impact Review”

  1. Yelan and hu Tao and so busted that they aren’t fun tbh. Alhaitham is complicated and is very fun. He still can easily clear content in the game hu tao and yelan just have too many numbers. Im saving for nahida.

  2. what i like about alhaitham is that even though you have low investment team and only use 4 star weapon or 3 star weapon (harbinger of dawn) he can still deal a good amount of damage. Not like the other dps, you need a c6 support or your limited to a certain element.

  3. Haitham and his team is the strongest currently. With quickbloom and his aoe capabilities, he outclassed hu tao and her team. That being said, there's no content that needs 5 star to clear yet, the game is easy enough even Barbara Amber can clear Abyss.

  4. AlHaitham over HuTao anyday. I've got her on Homa with an Elegy Yelan, C6 XQ and Zhongli but she falls short compared to Alhaitham on R5 Umbrella. I haven't even tested him on my PJC yet.

  5. Jstern confirmed he’s t0, he’s best dps right now if you ask me because dendro is too strong.

    My Alhaitham team cleared floor 12 pma boss at 9:02 (Alhaitham using fking 3* weapon, Yao Yao not built, Xinqui and Raiden full Em)

    In contrast, my Geo team I invested in for 2 years, with perfect artifacts and all min maxed with BiS weapons, cleared pma boss at 8:56

    I think ppl just don’t want to admit he’s strong and I’ve seen some are still doomposting. They’re probably going to cry for his rerun or some just don’t care cuz he’s not waifu

    I also beat Raiden Boss before second phase (using dmc zhongli fischl), and alhaitham again was using 3* HoD. What C0 dps even does that


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