I joined a psychopath's world in Genshin Impact.

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I joined more random people’s worlds in Genshin Impact and I had this experience with a very unique individual. A complete mad lad with no sense of rules. Needless to say, it was epic.

The co-op function in genshin impact allows me to join random people’s world and this is one of those experiences

editor: in my basement
Outro: Blood Drain (again) – Vocal Version
#GenshinImpact #Akron


23 thoughts on “I joined a psychopath's world in Genshin Impact.”

  1. the treatment peopel give to timmy is really makes me sick he is such a poor child and everybody knows that hes down at rock bottom i mean he only got those birds man..

    i i kill them 2 my mona gotta stop eating random mushrooms from the woods

  2. me and my friends made a video a few days ago when we randomly started hitting timmie. we were hungry and said we could have a 1/1 "timmie slices" we all decided which body part to have. sadly, they had to go and didnt get to feast. so i ate all of timmie.


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