Did You Miss These 20 Things In Fontaine 4.1 Trailer? | Genshin Impact

Did you miss these 20 Things You Missed in Fontaine Trailer For Genshin Impact? OG Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUdfhYdX8wo



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20 thoughts on “Did You Miss These 20 Things In Fontaine 4.1 Trailer? | Genshin Impact”

  1. I personally think there may have been or is another ruler in Fontaine. If you go to the arena with the dancing robot bosses, there are 3 thrones overlooking the arena. Why 3? Maybe we'll find out eventually or maybe not and it's just a design aspect.

  2. There was a bit in the 4.0 trailer that made us believe that people in Fontaine were also slowly loosing their memories of themselves, which turned out to be from the missing girls case. But I wonder if they actually hinted that Focalors was slowly loosing herself. Because when we met her, she acted like a teenage brat, not like an archon, but her voice here, which seems from the past is very grown up and wise sounding.

  3. 1:00 thats also my thoughts on that and i commented on CWBH video the same thing you said.. i think CWBH has a head cannon that someone else sent a request to mc to infiltrate the fortress and not Neuvilette personally but literally theres no proof of that.. im really confused where he get that conclusion that someone is sent a request when Neuvi himself said at the end of the Act 2 that he himself investigating this case personally.

  4. Even though I would love to see Yanfei's help in the upcoming archon quests, instead of a quick come and go to help us, I'd rather have a whole event based on the "law people" of the game, y'know? Like Neuvi, Yanfei, Cyno, Heizou, Kuki (?) gathering would be a dream coming true for my case lol as a Yanfei main, I'm starving bro. The last we saw her was The Chasm archon quest. (not counting her 10 seconds of screentime in the last lantern rite 💀💀)

  5. they confirmed just after the trailer that Arlecchino asked to investigate, and it's her who asked for someone to be sent to that prison (talk with combat director just after trailer on stream)

    there are also big clues to what thhe story will be:
    voices in the pipes, and primordial water in the prison. That and the fact that apparently they reduce the number of prisoners in that prison. Since Lyney heard voices in oratrice's basement, it's possible oratrice is ran by water, and someone is sending watery remains of dissolved ppl in prison into it, hence giving them power to manipulate the oratrice. Also, since this prison is more of a gather place for exiles, they might be planning to overthrow Furina, hence why that voiceline in the trailer.

  6. I think Arlechinno has a much higher degree of control in these acts than people are even theorising about. She literally is posed as a puppeteer in the version artwork. She was already coming to Fontaine ahead of Childes arrest, we know that because the siblings talk about it. But she says shes here to solve the dispute with Childe? About the first incorrect verdict the oratrace has had just after the twins attempt to mess with it? We know Lyney is planned as her sucessor from their lines about eachother and I wonder if she has orchestrated Lynette and Freminets capture under the guise of it being Wriothsley (hence Lyney accusing him) and this is her ultimate test to him both as her harbinger successor but as the new father of the house. To see how far he'll really go for family.

  7. i have heard stories of people in america commiting crimes to get free healthcare in prison (no joke) so there's precedent for people wanting to be imprisoned because living outside is much harder/painful


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