About The Genshin Impact Anniversary Rewards…

About The Genshin Impact Anniversary Rewards…
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49 thoughts on “About The Genshin Impact Anniversary Rewards…”

  1. LEt's be real, these weak genshin toi fans need to get a life and understand the awards…though they ar eokay this time around for a third anniversary. Aren't going to get what they want and th more they bitch and cry, the more they get seen as bunch of clowns who think their special and should be treated like special people. When in reality their just little cry babies who want the world to revolve around them and when it doesn't they start complaining like children.

    LEt's face it the loud minority of Genhsin is nothing but cess pools of snowflakes who cry over something that destroyed their reality, and those who also think Fictional characters are real are the same.

  2. 3 years too late, I agree. We had our chances as a community for that long but nobody givesa damn because the majority are children both figuratively and literally. Which is the bitter truth about the game beyond its runaway success. As someone who quit the game, 2 years ago for the same reason that I felt that everything I do for the game was otonly undervalued but also sent a clear message to me that Genshin Impact is not worth it anymore.
    I was also burned out at that point too, making it even worse as my interests and priorities changed.

    With that said, even the Genshin anime I have an extremely low bar when it comes to expectations.

    To be fair to the Genshin stans, I am a Fate Grand Order stan for 5 years and still going. The game itself is nothing to write home about other than its IP.
    What got me glued was the story, characters and events. It's simplicity and straightforwardness. sure, gameplay, graphics, etc may not be the best as say Genshin's and oh especially the gacha rates are the worst on paper , but they make it up for it by showering players with rewards every Anniversary to offset the shitty rates. A paid 10 roll for a guaranteed star, a featured Anniversary character to bait you, etc.
    TLDR, that could've been Genshin 2 years ago. But we squandered all out chances, opportunities to improve the game experience as a whole.

    Tectone, here's a thought: IfHoyoverse decides to try and do an FF14;A Realm Reborn reboot they will would they even have to balls Todo it knowing the state they're still making bank off the kids' pockets? I doubt that they'll do it for the playerbase

  3. I totally agree. Don’t play the game it is doesn’t please you. And more than that, don’t harass voice after or other artist involved in the game development.

  4. Then why did they bother to change Zhongli's kit????? and the Geo resonance??? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm sorry but you really sound like a defeated man with that mindset, if everyone loves something, why are they holding back??? I'm talking about all aspects in business and fanbase, wouldnt this gain more publicity and revenue??? Are they literally afraid of 5% decrease for a short period and doesnt want to sacrifice or invest in loyalty of the players??? The amount of bs people say "this game is already a gift" is not fucking fair to the players that played in v1.0. The lack of content and QoL back then was fucking severely needed an overhaul. After this game is finished story-wise, then it might be true to say "this game is already a gift" then yes, I would maybe agree, to the one who plays since its released, wtf kind of BS this gift is???????

    The players that continue to support financially or not are being spit at. "Thank you for exisiting I guess, here's a fucking coin" Why is it so hard to make loyal players more loyal????? Come on man, dont act like literally they are not stingy after being one of the most successful game ever. Might as well make them No.1 on the planet and still be given 20 wish cuz every fucking person accepts to lick their boots. "The game is the gift, dont complain" yeah they grow with our fucking money.

  5. imo: 20 pulls for anniversary? sounds like more to me than we got the years before and i'm fine with that. remember first anniv. where we literally only got a wet handshake for our continued support of the game or the rewards we recieved for voting genshin as "Game of the year" in comparison this is more than that~ and i can't really find anything to complain here

  6. Never going to play another game from Hoyoverse besides genshin, I spend alot in games that I play, I don't spend anymore on genshin but I like the characters I already have so I keep playing sometimes when I feel I'd like to also I'm done complaining, but they lost my fkin money to any other game that they release, I reeeally enjoy turn based games but Startrash Rail it's from Hoyo and I like to whale on games so if I play I'd spend, but I'm pretty vengeful since EA games with the game industry, if you treat players like sht I'll treat the whole company and what they do like sht too and just don't play the game if is made from trash companies, don't care about the devs I'm kinda a game dev too, more like free lance thing nowdays and I make skins for games and all I can say the game industry is just dirty af, so I have no pity to them, they deserve every single hate they get because they have a whole section of psychologists to explore players, mainly mentally ill players, so no pity just don't care about the company or their employees.

  7. We knew this from the getgo. This is the baseline now and as long as the game is swimming in bootlicker hoyoshill white knight pussy its not going to change.
    Im still going to voice myself here and there but its just for shitposting at this point.
    Also cant wait for the next "Dehya" and see how some ppl will react their units is being below mediocre and noone gives a sht about it.

    Edit: Just for the record i never really cared about the pulls during Anniversary more like about making it an actual event cuz it is a special ocasion and should be treated as such. They could have made a garbage skin for the traveler i would have been fine with it, maybe a 4 star weapon but none of them and on top of it more than half of the sht were happening outside of genshin which makes 0 sense.

    And no Teccy for this time ur not pissing me off cuz ur speaking what most of us thinking.
    Ppl are salty for some time and foget about it till the next drama……

  8. I feel if the community actually had any sense of self worth and respect, they'd grow some balls and man up to this company and actually complain or quit the game until they make it better. Actively keep voicing the issues they have with it, make Hoyoverse lose a ton of money and make them realize that maybe the player base is finally growing 1/50th of a brain, forcing them to actually listen to us and give us the changes we want. It's genuinely sad to see a game with the crazy potential that Genshin had go to waste. I've never liked gacha games but Genshins open world, beautiful design and fun combat system made me fall in love with the game. As much as I know it'll never happen, I truly hope that one day, the Genshin Impact community will pull their head out of their ass and do something about the state of the game. Because as of right now, it's a glorified Roblox simulator game.

  9. "it is what it is" true man dont care about anniversary rewards anymore, just give me x2 artifact drop all gud for me and x2 drop from talent and exp. anniversary is trash as always I see

  10. what genshin need is a formidable rival, but sad there is still NO other developer that can make game with same genre same platform that as good as genshin that we can say that this game is a direct competitor of genshin, that why genshin dev can just sleep and do whatever they want, because you will not find any other game better than what we make….. so everyday i pray that other developer can make game as good as genshin

  11. What does it matter if it's 20 wishes or 200 you can't 37 start the Abyss if you wish more, what's the point of pulling for characters of there's nowhere to use them even exploration doesn't let you use your characters now.

  12. Honestly dropped genshin way before Honkai came out and Honkai is so much better. I’ll probably try to get back into the game a little bit and reinstall but won’t play it daily. The game just has too much rng and the game combat design is ass

  13. He finally reached what my friend and I have reached in genshin since the dawn of time, acceptance. The game's great, it could be better, but it is what it is. The game is good for the story, exploration, music, and maybe some more stuff that I couldn't think of atm. Just play it for what you think it's worth, and that's it. If it isn't worth anything for you, then drop it. If you want to criticize, do it properly, not like a kid trying to argue with each other. Maybe that last part is rude, maybe not, all I know is it grinds my gear.

  14. No surprise for me. I play this game mainly for the story and thrill of saving, pulling, and building characters. Getting 20 wishes worth of primos isnt anything abysmal and I've come to accept that Genshin will never change until it gets a challenger to force Hoyoverse to actually start making changes. Until then, people need to just learn to quit the game if they don't like the rewards. HSR is the perfect example.


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