Why You Might Not Be Ready For Inazuma! | Genshin Impact Patch 1.7

Let’s have a look into what are there going to be Inazuma region so that you can start preparing now.

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Intro: 0:00
Inazuma Info: 0:55
Prep Suggestions: 7:24
Outro: 10:40

*Disclaimer: This is a fan service prediction discussion video to help viewers have a rough understanding of the upcoming changes. I have mentioned several times in the video to warn viewers that the clips and data are Not representations of the final product. I DO NOT own any of that footage, nor am I responsible for the accuracy of those skill values. Mechanics, damage, release date, and banner character are all subject to change on the official release.

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  1. Planning has started.
    Off the top of my head first though it isolate sections with markers to only explore there and until I'm sure I've completed it move on, its gonna be a time anchor but hopefully worth the grind.


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