Why Childe is AMAZING! Full Character Review & Explanation (Should you pull?) | Genshin Impact

Strengths & Weaknesses of Childe/Tartaglia covered in this video. Detailed review on his kit/playstyle to help you determine if you should wish.
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Updated Childe Build/Guide out soon.
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49 thoughts on “Why Childe is AMAZING! Full Character Review & Explanation (Should you pull?) | Genshin Impact”

  1. Still no mention of my girl, Barbara.
    The lost underrated character in the game and one of the best combinations for Childe.
    With her buffs alone I hit easy 8k normal attacks with Childe.
    Considering he hits 3 times faster han any other carry that amounts to alot.
    And this is not even counting the advantage of being virtually indescribable.
    Her E doesn't onyl increase Hydro damage by 15%, it also Heals a ridiculous amount which is increased even further by the Hydro resonance of having them both in the team.
    Using Thrilling Tales (obviously) to get another 48% atk boost from just switching her off the field.

    Barb needs more cred

  2. The only dps characters I have that would want Xingqiu are Ayaka and Hu Tao, and I think for them specifically childe doesn’t really replace Xingqiu? I have Eula and Xiao as carries for another team too so I don’t know that I care enough for Childe if he’s just there to pair with Xiangling/Beidou at this point, given how many other dps options I have for team building. Am I on the right line of thinking here?

  3. Man, thanks for this guide. I started the game last week on my PS5. Enjoying the game a lot!

    I got a Katching (don't know how her name is written 😅), the purple neko lightining girl. The guide you made a while back helped me a lot! I though she was bad, since I was dealing no damage. Used some decente low level artifacts and she changed completly!!!

    Hope you keep this good job up!!!!! Best informative channel about Genshin on YT! 🥰

  4. can you please cover using beidou and raiden with Childe? this was so insightful! i have a fully built raiden and beidou so I was wondering if it could work well with him.

  5. I shouldn’t have wished on kokomi banner cuz I didn’t want her and i was at 44 pity i have a dreamed that i got kokomi on 49 pulls and i actually got her at that pity it would have been better if its childe but i cant complain i got lucky

  6. Im going crazy over this tbh i cant decide whether to pull for him or not efbzbf especially that the 4stars in his banner arent the one I need I was ready for a say or bennet but ugh not that I hate them but I don't use ningguan or chongyun… but as a f2p I'm also afraid if I miss him I will never get another chance to get him dbef but I also really need a pyro dps like hu tao kfnezjefnozef okay my mind is burning literally

  7. I used him along with Diluc/Xiangling/Xingqui and that team destroyed absolutely everything it came across 😀
    I`m wondering what kind of 5star weap will MHY make for him and much of a powerboost will he get.. I might not pull of him, but for his weapon instead ,if it`s powerfull enough

  8. I'm just assuming pulling for him will go the same way as the last 2 banners: I'll lose the 50/50 😀
    (kokomi drained my remaining genshin budget for the year. WORTH IT I LOVE HER)

  9. Hey Zy0x, great content man ! Should I pull for Childe C1 or C2 ? I should have enough and I don't want to pull for Hu Tao, having her C1. Or should I wait the 2.3 Arataki Itto who looks so awesome ?

  10. Thanks for this video Zy0x… I think it helped me decide.

    I’m a new player (only 3 weeks) so I don’t have any 5 stars and only a couple random 4 star characters from my wishes. So I need characters to build comps and complete content …

    The funny thing is I have Xingqui as support but I need a hydro DPS main, but I really don’t like Childe’s design and I’m able to live with Cryo for now. I need main DPS for most elements too, but the funny thing is this banner has every random character I got so far actually so no matter what I get here it’s constellations for everyone I have at least. Yanfei is my main pyro DPS (h and Xiangling are all I got and better than Amber). I’m using an amazing freeze comp with Kaeya and Chongyun recommended by Zy0x (since I only have Xinqui for hydro) and I got Ningguang as my only geo last week.. so. I don’t know if I should invest in this banner but seems like I should for everyone else.

  11. Thank you for making this video!
    I stopped playing Genshin the moment Childe's first banner starts, I returned during 1.6
    Really torn between him and Hu Tao since I both like their playstyle
    but my mind is set, I'm gonna pull for Childe!

  12. manifesting getting him early and win 50/50🥲 i'm saving for ganyu but i really want him and i didnt expect him to show up this early😭


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