WHO TO PULL FOR?! | EULA vs ALBEDO Ultimate Comparison Guide PROS and CONS – Genshin Impact

A MASSIVE 47 minute video explaining the pros and cons for BOTH Eula and Albedo! We talk about A LOT of mechanics needed in order to optimize these characters. Make sure to check the timestamps if you want to skip to a particular section. Hopefully these pros and cons help you make a decision on who to pull for!

Intro: 00:00
Eula Pros: 00:29
Eula Cons: 1:42
Demonstration: 2:10
Grimheart Stacking: 5:35
Artifacts: 8:44
Weapons: 11:40
Constellations: 13:22
Support Characters: 15:55
Eula Conclusion: 21:32
Albedo Pros: 22:16
Demonstration: 25:11
E Skill Tips & Cons: 28:07
E Skill Snapshot: 31:46
Artifacts: 37:40
Weapons: 39:00
Teams & Geo Resonance: 41:21
Constellations: 42:55
Albedo Conclusions: 46:24

Eula Combo Video:

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12 thoughts on “WHO TO PULL FOR?! | EULA vs ALBEDO Ultimate Comparison Guide PROS and CONS – Genshin Impact”

  1. Solid video.

    I will agree. While most people see Physical DPS as Unga Bunga, but she's actually one of the more technical characters. She takes some management, skill, and a bit of luck, but the rewards are worth it.

  2. Nice video.
    I want to say I do love Raiden/Eula combo because Raiden strengthens Eula’s burst and allows you to go easy on ER and strengthen Eula’s build too. Plus there’s not much downtime on damage. Eula burst, Raiden burst, support bursts, and back to Eula. But a lot of stuff is preference.

  3. I don't really understand your take on Raiden Eula pairing. Why would you want to have Eula on the field instead of Raiden using burst? There is no way Eula can out dps built Raiden burst who will at the same time build everyone in the team energy. I thought that was beyond weird. Especially since it's been like established common knowledge that they pair together perfectly, you come out of the woods and don't elaborate on this any better


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