This 10 Pull Had a 0.008% CHANCE of Happening | Genshin Impact #Shorts

0.008% chance 10 pull!

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20 thoughts on “This 10 Pull Had a 0.008% CHANCE of Happening | Genshin Impact #Shorts”

  1. Got 2 Thoma, 2 Shikanoin, then got Kequing for losing the 50/50, then next pulled Yae Miko next and finally Layla. I got all that with only 60 wishes but I did have a 50 or 60 odd pity already built up. I'm not making this up my jaw dropped heavy when I was done

  2. Welp, my only unexpected luck for me recently is getting a 48 Pity Tartaglia yesterday knowing that my birthday is actually tomorrow (Nov. 24), Hoyo just gave me an early birthday gift for some reason.

    But my earliest 5-Star is still my 9 pity Klee after losing to Mona back patch 2.8

  3. Believe me or not, Here I go
    My friend recently started playing genshin and on Childe banner all he did was 1pull, Not a single pull ever before, And guess what that dude got Childe on 1pull.. Never seen THIS luck before

  4. Good idea or not? This would make you all even more money.. I know this is a friendly universe you have created.. but we could create a fun F2P game mode in the game too.. with you benefiting off skins and the player base getting to use their favourite characters to battle each other in a battle Royale would give the player base more of a reason to collect new characters to show off in game. Weapons all doing the same amount of damage would make it more of a skilled game mode varying from grey to Gold weapons.. each colour would have a new set damage acquired to it but every weapons on that class would do the same damage. There would be shields, potions and buffs.. players picking a character then where to spawn would be an easy way to start the game. Everyone would start off with their characters weapons but on grey (common) giving them a reason to go and look for better weapons and would start the match with your characters specific weapon on grey. They would fight exactly how they would in normal story mode with that specific weapon. They would only start the match with the weapon and no elemental skills.. they would have to go out and look for shields, potions and buffs.. eg. A Zhongli skin stating the match would start with his original weapon on grey doing minimal damage. Then the player would go out to find a better weapon.. the next weapon he finds would be ventis weapon with it popping up on the screen letting you know. This would change the players fighting style and change their play style. Each characters weapons would all be in each category from grey all the way up to gold doing more damage as you find a better one or upgrade it. This goes the same for the buffs which could be the artefacts.. the fighting would stay the same but you could chose to add a blocking system or make the stamina suitable for the style of the game mode. There would be solo, duo and trio’s as it is traditional for a battle royal. You could also include challenges in it maybe npc to fight too and also add in the new ways of traversal.. this game mode could give us mora and also help us gain points in the actual game.. you could then choose to add a battle pass to bring in even more money. Thank you


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