Should You EVER Wish on Weapon Banners? Genshin Impact

For the first time ever, I am considering wishing on a weapon banner. Is it a mistake, or big brain plays long term!? Let’s talk about it
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27 thoughts on “Should You EVER Wish on Weapon Banners? Genshin Impact”

  1. Damn right it’s bait for f2p at least, now if you have the primos go for it but if your looking out of characters such as Hu Tao, Zhongli and Venti. Who might reroll in the near future. You should always save for units to make your team built better for Future content even if it means not getting weapons. Plus the standard banner has a chance of getting you these weapons, it takes a while but you can get some insane weapons out of it. I remember when I got a 5 star Amos bow and I was bummed about it because mode now and arrow characters don’t charge attack, but then Ganyu came up and it saved her dps output. No matter what weapon you get in the standard banner it’s gonna be very op on a certain unit. And if you get a character from standard then what’s the harm? Mathematically it’s better to save up for characters, if you can spend it for weapons you can if you really desperately want to.

  2. Venti is my priority because I missed him on his first banner. After getting him though most of my teams would be complete as I have the damage characters I want. After that though, weapon banners will probably start taking priority

  3. Hey man, obviously it was awhile ago. But I'd love to hear your thoughts on the official cancelling of the Anthem 2.0 reboot. I know when the game was first on the horizon you looked like you were gonna run with it, before the game arrived and was sadly lacking depth.

  4. I promised myself when I started this game that I would not do what I would do normally in these gatcha games, which is overwhelm myself with wanting all the new and stronger characters… which is exactly what I didn’t do. Now after gathering some 18 characters I’ve been on this same thought… what is more important characters or building My main characters in every way possible🤔🤔🤔. Watching this video helped me with this decision, Thank You 😁😁😁

  5. so for all the f2p players out there, rolling on the banner is worth considering because the new lithic weapons are INSANE, a r1 lithic spear with all liyue characters is as good as a jade spear (with a bit less crit rate) but at r3 it is does better dmg and the crit rate is the same, they are very good and would recommend rolling for them if you use many liyue characters, and at r5 with 3 liyue characters it is also still better (r4 I believe is slightly worse than the jade spear with 3 liyue characters)

  6. What ruins this banner is the Lithic Weapons. Pulled 3 of those along with a gravestone with 50 pulls on my secondary f2p account, 10k primo down the drain, especially considering that without the ability from the gravestone the snow tombed greatsword will come extremely close to that 5* weapon.

  7. I had to pull on weapon banner, cuz I had nothing for my Xiao. Literally only had crescent Pike. I was lucky enough to get a skyward spine (not a jade spear but whatever) as a f2p but I probably wont pull on that banner for a long time

  8. Im a L2P so i prefer getting the character more because i have limited chances to pull on a banner, and the characters banner rng is way better than the weapon. With 2 pitys i could at least get a guarantee limited character. The weapon banner will just rekt me with those 50/50


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