"Raiden Shogun is the Fake Archon" (My Take) | Genshin Impact

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24 thoughts on “"Raiden Shogun is the Fake Archon" (My Take) | Genshin Impact”

  1. I would be immeasurably disappointed if Baal wasn't the archon. But I do think there might be some hijinks going on where she's inherited the body/powers of the previous archon or something. In the electro gymstone description, she talks about her body as though it's someone else's, and refers to the body itself having promised people eternity in past-tense. Also in her trailer, we see her chasing after/reaching out to touch somebody who looks exactly like herself.

    On top of everything, Scaramouche has the exact same hair colors as the shogun, down to the same two light-blue streaks in the back. Whatever is going on, it's definitely convoluted.

  2. I believe that the statue is celestia, the same as welkin moon , maybe she is trying to draw power from celestia by offering it large number of visions then using it to establish her vision of eternity

  3. It could make sense that Baal is not the archon. Inazuma is based on Tokugawa era Japan. The shogun is the head of the government. The shogun is not the top ruler of the nation. The ruler of the nation would be the emperor. The emperor would be located outside of the capital city. Emperor would have strong ties to spiritual like location would be near shrine.

    One example would be Ningguang would be the "shogun" since she is the head of government. The Emperor is Zhongli for Liyue

  4. Well things just became a bit more interesting regarding this theory.

    The Raiden Shogun was apparently a kagemusha, an impersonator meant to protect an important person from assassination attempts.

  5. There is no doubt about Raiden Shogun being the current archon. Even before Inazuma or Baal's model was leaked several information about Baal was published on internet, they were right about the switch stances and there is two information that we still don't know if it is true or not until 2.1 conclusion. I will probably edit this post if this is false because if it's true I could be spoiling. So I will wait for the history conclusion.


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