Is Yelan Going To Be Game Changing or… | Genshin Impact

Here are my questions as to how Yelan will perform in Genshin Impact. Does she have things in her kit which will stop her from performing to the public expectations?



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37 thoughts on “Is Yelan Going To Be Game Changing or… | Genshin Impact”

  1. Yelan is perfect for my yoimiya. XQ never really worked well with her. I always felt XQ favored Hu Tao more than Yoimiya. It is nice that Hoyoverse gave yoimiya a partner. They even gave a bonus for running rainbow teams that yoimiya loves to boost Yelan's HP.

  2. I have not run XQ in the Abyss or any of my teams in 6+ months. So for now, she is a skip.
    I think I am going to push for a C6 5* instead of rolling on new characters. The game is really easy, even with my 4* teams, so I might as well have someone like a C6 Itto that I can use to decimate things when I want to “speed run” through events when I am busy.

  3. Just wait at the end of her banner, don't farm ahead, there is plenty of time for that afterwards. There is a team that may work great with Hu Tao: Yelan, Kazuha, Bennet. Charge attack in Hu Tao is more like a dodge, more if you have C1. So you may not need the mitigation from XQ, depending on your playstyle. Remember Yelan will be in the combat event.

  4. I don’t like when people say skip because a character does the same job as another (especially when that character is as powerful as xingqiu). Many people said that about kazuha, and everyone regrets not summoning now. Everything is wait and see with genshin. Don’t give up hope on yelan yet, she just might brake the game.

  5. One of my main goals to to collect all the characters and so far I have. When I do, I then figure out if I should get them for my others accounts too and sometimes I don’t. Whether it’s because I know I’ll be ok without them or budget. But more so is that I like to collect Waifus lol. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to getting characters when all it does it lets u have more options to build teams and strategize ur gameplay. I mean let’s be real and say that the team u get for free can get u through the game and with the F2P things u get with it too along with the luck from the Gacha system.

  6. I've been playing since launch and my XQ is only C3, and yes I've pulled on banners where XQ is rate-up. So I'm going for Yelan cuz I'm tired of looking at XQ's ugly mug who's only there for Hu Tao, when it's hard to say when if ever I'll get C6 XQ.

  7. She sounds like another solid but not mindblowing 5, which will continue the usual cycle of hype and agita this game's community is accustomed to. XQ is so broken that nothing is going to replace him, and Mihoyo doesn't want to make more broken characters like that anyway.

    For my part, it leaves me confused as to how to spend gems… keep skipping characters for the next thing, only to find that not useful enough to justify the expense. Ayaka? Yelan? Both seem like luxuries, so I guess I should wait for Kazuha and Dendro? It sucks.

  8. I don't know y some may think that having xingxiu is enough to skip yelan .
    I ll use yelan in raiden national team and xingxiu in hutao team so good for me I guess🙄

  9. from what i see ,, xingqiu is still going to be better for a simple reason,,,,

    you swap to him ,, hit his e twice (sac sword) ,, hit q ,,, swap out

    while it feels yelena will need some field time to be able to get her burst back ,,, Soooo naaah ty XD i'd sacrifice some immediate dmg for a much shorter rotation ,, which will add up to a better overall dmg

  10. For me I just need something different from Xnq in terms of playstyle. He is a very boring character for me. And Yelan why ultimately her value might be similar to Xnq I want her for playstyle and because she will be a damage dealer plus buffer. I’m tired of constantly having the same character specially considering again like mentioned earlier he is boring to play with. Yelan seems to bring fun gameplay and ultimately obviously better damage. See i used to be like one of those people who jumped on the Kokomi hate bandwagon and now I love her. Yeah Mihoyo has given us some bad units recently but so far I see no reason to skip Yelan as I need a unit like her to freshen up my account

  11. I think Yelan will be okay, maybe even crappy (in meta terms), she's going to be another Yae, but I think she's going to be fun and she's probably the best looking character so far, ands she's a newer play style concept more of an on field sub dps requiring more time than any meta team wants much like Yae with her 6 totem summons (3e-q-3e). I will still enjoy her especially if I can get c2 to boost her damage slightly.

  12. Do you think that Hoyo is shooting themselves in the foot by releasing Kazuha in 2.8? Will people bypass Yelan to save up their wishes for a proven character? I mean, I have said I won’t pull any more characters, but…Kazuha. I really want that dude.

  13. I really care of meta and numbers all I wanna hear if a character is fun and beautifully designed. Once a meta is made the game gets shorter and people look for the next meta and start saying this is what the game should've done. I personally dont care for Xingqiu playstyle so yelan may be someone that might work for me.

  14. My main concern with her is lack of utility. Yelan does way more damage than Xingqui and applies hydro faster, but she doesn't provide CC resistance or heals like Xingqui does. But her ult recharges faster. Just like Xingqui, she's very reliant on ER and a good weapon. But Favonius bow exists, so she won't have issues IMO.

  15. I think her kit wants her to be a primary dps or a co-dps. Every thing about her kit tells me that if want her in the field at least every 5 seconds just to fire off a big damage error and maybe use her skill to get some more damage and particles before getting back to another dps/recycling your skills. Future characters could mesh with her way wetter than the current roster.

  16. Enjoy his damn elemental skill pls. Everyone sayin that takes too much time on field. Pls, if its fun just enjoy It. Just to remember some if you, the abyss is not that hard!!!

  17. So people who say she is going to be only "balanced" because hydro application is less are all Hu Tao mains in disguise NGL. Like everywhere else she is a considerable upgrade even taser If you know your way of dodging.

  18. Hind sight is 100% but we live in the moment so I say do what excites you and makes you happy! If you have regrets later so be it. At least you are having regrets over something you did rather than over not doing anything (which is worse IMO).

    After this long dry period I feel like treating myself to a new character so I am going to get her no matter what. I don't think its a bad choice because the game is not hard, she will do just fine even if she is not the best at what people want her to be the best at. I think her kit looks fun and that matters more to me.

    Anyway good video!


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