I Built C0 FURINA To DOMINATE The Abyss in Genshin Impact


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0:00 | Intro & Furina Overview
3:36 | Mono-Hydro Jean
7:30 | Quickbloom Cyno
16:19 | Freeze Ayaka
23:15 | Outro

Outro: Valence – Infinite (NCS Release)

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32 thoughts on “I Built C0 FURINA To DOMINATE The Abyss in Genshin Impact”

  1. odes anyone know if aquila favonia passive heal works with furina's fanfare stacks? i would think it did, meaning onfield jean would be better with it than with fav, no? Aquila has high base attack and 20 atk% substat, so you could make up for the er substat in favge in artifacts easily. And since yelan nd xq also had fav, energy issues would be kindaa low i think. Has onyone thought about this?

  2. Meanwhile me

    First half intrrnational team go brrrrr. First half was a struggle ironically

    Second half Tighnari spread go hehe xD. Jade plume dendro resists is a lie. Boss rush completed in a minute each

  3. any ideas why her best weapon + build is when u have her c6? does her on field time shift the artifact builds into something different or is it just a nice bonus to have and u still play her with troupe?

  4. i used my c0 furina with key , and favge yelan , favge kazuha and prototype amber kokomi , and they DESTROYED the top half , like everyone was dying soo faaast , i was thinking of using aqua on yelan for more damage but i used fav to maintain my teams energy so this team still has a lot of potential

  5. I am at a point, where I need more Resin than Fates.

    I should farm Artifacts, but got Neuvilette, Fischl and Furina.

    Builded all three on my Daughters Account thx to Fragile Resin.

    need at least 60 Days to build all three…

    Won both 50/50…


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