GENSHIN IMPACT reacts to AETHER AND LUMINE [] +4.7 Reunion scene

Genshin reacts to Aether [+4.7 update]


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Aether cute
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Caribert edit
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Aether and Lumine
@ heizxuu (we will be reunited dear brother, but not here)
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Happy Lumine and Aether reunion (sad to happy)
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Genshin reunion scene

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22 thoughts on “GENSHIN IMPACT reacts to AETHER AND LUMINE [] +4.7 Reunion scene”

  1. 🔥📌Notes🔥

    – Cariibert is NOT a pure khaenri'an, the half khaenri'ans are the ones who turned into hilichurls
    – Shoutouts at break time🔥

    📌3 normal aether
    📌9 Lumine and Aether
    📌2 break time videos(i luv it so much)
    📌4.7 cutscene

    🔥I love yall🫶😭

  2. great video, i just wanna say that he isnt a pure khaenrian, pure khaenrian are cursed with immortality. Caribert wasnt cursed with immortality, he became a hilichurl which is what happens to people who arent pure khaenrian.

  3. I love how they made it cannon that Aether's actual name is Ather and Lumine's actual name is Lumine because it means they've just been committing identity fraud (somewhat, I think) for years at this point-


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