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24 thoughts on “GENSHIN IMPACT MEMES #759”

  1. Foolishness, GI fandom, FOOLISHNESS! You can't blame VA, it was never HER Job to translate and adapt the text in the first place, she just did HER Job and that's it. But neither you right about GI developers having problems with all that because of them not being native speakers for those languages, because they HAVE teams working on translation AND adaptation for the languages and the TEAMS are THE Native Speakers, or AT LEAST people who's close to it. I can confirm it, because I've noticed some MEMES that were used in Russian translation, that are NOT popular or known beyond Russian speaking internet society(it contains post-USSR countries, cuz most of them know Russian, and some STILL have it as one of must-have languages cuz of the soviet influence), so it proofs that there is Native Speakers working for Genshin translation, cuz otherwise I can't imagine that MEMES being popular for Chinese, or whoever translate it all(also I believe Russian translation uses the English translation for their work cuz it's easier than use Chinese, that can be proved with the Khaenri'ah being literally the same in both languages despite the correct name being "Kaenria"(idk how you came up with that, it fits more for French cuz they LOVE to leave letters with no sound in words). But sadly, I also can also confirm, that there is some kind of lack of quality with the translations(some of them, not only Russian, but next I'll continue with example from Russian), cuz sometimes it has weird mistakes or words and letters used for no reason AND missed ")@#$" symbols that have no reason to be there. Maybe they fix that with updates, but since I'm from "clean plate club" and finish the content very fast, I notice all the problems so far. Sadly I've never been chosen for CBT(close beta test, no OTHER CBT). In their(all the translation teams, not only the Russian one) defense it's rough times for everyone, maybe they even CRUNCH themselves over work, so don't make a fuss about bad translations, it's not CATASTROPHICALLY bad(yet), but I hope it all will be fine. SO PLEASE DON'T FOOL PEOPLE WITH INFO LIKE THAT! Hoyo HAS skilled people that work on translations, it's just temporary difficulties. All Goods to ya'll.

  2. #GIM
    Traveler: Alhaithim, I've been looking for sand grease pupa for you for hours
    Alhaithim: Great, put them over there
    Traveler: Okay but…
    Traveler: You can't eat them, you can't make something out of them, you aren't studying them, and they smell bad
    Alhaitham: And?
    Traveler: Why do you want them?
    Alhaitham: Oh I don't want them, I just wanted you to get them for me 🙂

  3. Whats meta. If its fluid to use in relation. Deal a shit load of dmg. With mild investments. Use flexible and versatile characters its meta. Eg. Kazu koko ayaka senhe is meta. Its filled with 5* but u can get away with rozaria. Ayaka is dps and koko kazu r versatile and have al lot of team so r must pulles . 2nd eg. Internatioma it is the best aoe team in entire game so meta. 3rd hyper bloom slap a c0 kuki or em ei nahida/ dmc+yaoyao , koko/babs , and flex. Cheap as fuck but destry golden wolf lord and cancer wolves in abyss 12, so metA


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