Pyro Ganyu.exe is here. Amber is SSS+ Tier Waifu .Actually, she can deal insane Damage if you build her properly. The reason why people not choosing Amber is that her gameplay is a bit boring, It’s just about aim and aims weak points. But Still her charged and Doll deal Insane Damage

My Build:

*Amber Lvl. 70

*Constellation: 0

*Talent: All Lvl. 5

*Weapon: Blackcliff Warbow

2 Set of Crimson Witch of Flames (Flower(HP) and Goblet(Pyro DMG Bonus)
2 Set of Gladiator Finale ( Feater (ATK) and Hourglass(ATK%)
1 Set of Lavawalker (Circlet (Crit DMG%)

Thumbnail Source and Credit: kaxukin

Song Used:
-Tales of Zestiria Soundtrack – 12 The Beautiful Lake and Holy Sword of the Capital

-Ys IX -Monstrum NOX- OST mini – Crossing A/A

-Nameless King Theme Dark Souls

-Persona 5-Battle Victory Theme



  1. I don't use Amber, so I need at least two people on my team to replace her. It is a hill I decided to die on like a fool, and now I'm crying in Abyss floor 9 with the lack of fire damage in my team. Don't skip Amber, Lisa nor Kaeya. They are the original baes and they are all you need. Don't fall for the Snezhnaya'n Love Machine like I did. All you need is Amber.

  2. Everyday I tell myself that Genshin's world and gameplay loop has been designed with "no gacha run" players in mind and these videos keep proving just how right I am

  3. A question for you guys, my Amber is lv80 but a think she is not doing enough damage, so my question is should focus on attack or attack %? The second doesn't seem to be increasing my output.
    Also should I try to get and artifact of Pyro damage for the full charged aimed shot?

  4. "In mobile aiming is hard"
    My friend that asked to put his account in my phone Because aiming is more easy there – U SERIOUS-
    Btw I agree, I use Amber a Lot when fighting Bosses like, oceanid and geo hypotasis, Trust me, she is very powerful, Very powerful Indeed

  5. I'm pretty sure my aiming is better than the average PC player, the only downside is the limited angle you can move while aiming especially towards the right side

  6. You forgot that her shit scales on hp which is dumb. Aiming isnt her downside, as ganyu showcases quite well. Speaking of ganyu… ambers baron bunny gets shoved around. Or ignored.


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