Genshin Community please stop doing these 3 things

Genshin Impact community don’t be stinky challenge (possible?)
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32 thoughts on “Genshin Community please stop doing these 3 things”

  1. Honestly, I feel sorry for these kids. They have so little understanding of manners and normal social interaction because their parents have failed them and they have been raised by the internet. They are in for a rude awakening when they hit adulthood

  2. I agree, contact creators are not your way to get things other than contact. As someone who does not spend money on pulls (I only spent money for the Keqing skin, because it looked good and I wanted to support the company, and I don't plan on putting any of the genesis crystals to primos). But as someone who lost a 50/50 to a character that I really wanted, I just decided to wait, save, and then in the end they got a rerun and I was able to get them. But other than that, I agree with everything that you are saying.

  3. I am so sorry you had to even address this- it shouldn't be happening in the first place and I am so sorry you have been put in this situation Atsu. Thank you for being so patient with your explanation and trying your best not to let them get to you.

  4. I am not on anything but YouTube but I kinda feel bad for all these people on the internet sending bomb threats / people hurting other people do people nowadays have no regard for other people life? How messed up can you be? I had a heck of a lot of problems in my life but I NEVER wanted to kill a people that did me wrong. Or maybe people are so numb to hearing bomb threats / hearing threats that they want to do it them selfs or something. I don’t know but threading people is not a normal thing to say.

  5. One time a guy started harassing me bc my itto lacked constellations and stuff, I have my own money but I don’t prefer to spend on a game that maybe I’ll drop later, I love genshin but I tend to move on really quick and then he kept saying get out of this domain bruh you don’t even have money that why you come to co op… and i was like okay ? But the same as u, he was in co op then he added me and accepted him to delete him later, it was a horrible game and multiplayer experience that I don’t wish anyone to ever have something like that

  6. This is a good thing you made this video to educate others who were ignorant enough and those whom are young audiences who watched your vids. As for me, i’m a young audience who watch your vids but some of those who don’t know whats right or wrong.

  7. if they ask… send em links to work… donate blood for money and can do like jack murphy and do amateur p*rn work. folks normally have 2 kidneys… you only need 1. put that 60-100k college degree to work and go make coffee at starbucks. there are sites that all you need is a webcam to go make money showing off ummm various things.

  8. Ive Seen these same Pins Circulating around different places..I bought Ganyu's pin an thats all I wanted so this is kinda old now. they are still nice so get them from Atsu if you want Im just not buying anymore 😛

  9. The only thing I somewhat disagree is the use of the term loli. As much anime and anime-adjacent communities would want to, I just don't believe the term loli can ever be separated from the concept of lolicon. Same with shota, albeit to a lesser extent. Granted, this is not the only problem I have with terminology these communities have developed.

    Genshin is in a kind of intersection here since the game got so popular with people outside of usual gacha crowd. There has been plenty of conflict with some of these people and the usual gacha community. While I think the appeal to these "outsiders" is ultimately a good thing, yeah there's bad stuff with it too.

  10. I watch streamers w/ or w/o giveaways, but I'll admit, the moment they play other games that's not Genshin related, i just stop watching. Which i feel bad for doing. Sometimes i do stick around, but since a lot of them stream midnight or very early im the morning i can't watch anyways.

    Sorry in advance for the streamers, I hope you guys keep up the good work tho.

  11. wasn't the loli body type thing debunked? i swear that it was revealed by leakers that it just wasn't there, like it doesn't make sense to me that a chinese game would use japanese terminology for coding? also if you're not japanese and use loli or shouta then 99% of the time its for sexualisation. also kinda off topic but if you unironically call a character a waifu or husbando and you're over the age of an actual 14 yr old then i think ur a bit weird (not targeted towards atsu)

  12. We need a subject in school that's called "Internet Education" for 8-10 years olds. It should include these ethics:

    1. Don't say anything you want just cause you are anonymous. Bad things are still bad things.

    2. Don't take every dig on the internet towards you so seriously. Grow a thick skin.

    3. Extreme positivity and extreme negativity over the internet are usually artificially generated and short lived.

    4. Don't tell the internet everything about yourself. Use fake names whenever possible. Anonymity is your best defense and best offence.

    5. Don't beg random people for freebies and don't give money to whoever threatens you. Scammers ready to swindle you off your money are just around the corner.

    6. Gacha games are made to addict you. They are fun to play, but don't spend until you learn to earn your keep. Don't spend your Christmas gift money on gacha as well.

    These are some tips off my head. I can probably write a 10 page guide man by giving out real life examples.

  13. i'm sorry but since when did threatening someone with bombing them become a joke? this is why children shouldn't be allowed on the internet, these kids don't even know that it's illegal to threaten someone and go around harassing people online because they think they will have no consequences up until their parents learn about their behavior online. it's honestly disgusting

  14. yes!! i totally agree. asking strangers especially for money, is not okay. it’s quite rude and unacceptable. people have to understand that you are a content creator and spend money on the game because of your particular situation and job. thank you so much atsu for giving the genshin impact community a hit of reality.


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