ELEGY MAXED! Was it worth it? (Genshin Impact)

Today in Genshin Impact we’re maxing Elegy for the End, a 5-star support bow.

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0:00 Maxing Elegy for the End
2:28 How Does The Passive Work
3:23 Elegy Contenders
4:59 Passive Test
6:57 Fighting with Elegy
9:36 The Problem with Elegy
11:28 Additional Thoughts, It’s Unique


29 thoughts on “ELEGY MAXED! Was it worth it? (Genshin Impact)”

  1. moga will you make a video of u touching grass? i dont need like a face reveal i just want proof that mihoyo isnt holding you hostage making you max everything they put in the game

  2. This video is a sore off why at the very least at the end you should do some research on how good a character or weapon is so nobody is misled into not investing in it, I assume a good amount of your viewers are casuals

  3. It does work on Sara, but its more consistent in multi target scenario than single target. The 20% buff makes up for loss of base attack, and she needs the ER anyways.

  4. It probably one of the best weapons in the game.
    You should try it on amber for your hutao team, its insane against bosses because if you kill them fast enough you dont need a shield.
    Also bennett healing hu tao is kinda meh, but with amber the playstyle gets high risk high reward.

  5. Glad to see this. During the Hu Tao rerun, when i rolled for Staff of Hona, i got Elegy instead and just kept it at 40 since i wasn’t so sure if it was worth raising. Guess it is! Thanks, Moga!

  6. Question can you explain how I'm ar 54 and haven't gotten a qiqi for some reference I'm missing three five-stars from mondstat and inazuma and 6 from liyue

  7. I got the elegy trying for I don't remember if it was jade cutter or mist splitter. The same way I got freedom sworn trying for staff of homa. Then I got venti so it's not wasted at least. Now just need to wait for kazuha banner


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