Do you want some Dehyarrhea? | Genshin Impact

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Genshin impact is a cool open world game with gacha elements. It is developed by hoyoverse. It has an engaging story, thrilling combat, and amazing characters. Genshin Impact is one of my favorite gacha games.

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8 thoughts on “Do you want some Dehyarrhea? | Genshin Impact”

  1. Here I am again to complain 😍. She was already honestly bad but now I honestly am skipping unless she gets some serious changes. But I also think she shouldn’t have to rely on a dedicated support just for her In order for her to be good. Plus Yae I’m still complaining about her I made up an entire kit revision /skill animation change suggestion. Also someone mentioned something good that her tank ability isn’t good because she would have to get slapped a ton for it to be useful over shielders/healers. But imo she’s looking like even worse than yae and zhongli and I will be shocked if they drop her like this but whatever hoyoverse don’t care about it’s players anyways. Also sure eula may be low in abyss usage ( I don’t actually know) Eula is a really good character and is perfectly fine at c0 her being physical is what makes her not a fan favorite but she’s rlly good if you have her. Whereas Dehya….I’ve heard xiangling out dps her in one of her best teams (mono pyro) . So frustrating they did the coolest Sumeru character so wrong. Waited for her to be let down :(.

  2. People always doom post, that is true, but one part if the community you can always trust is the TC group, they never have been wrong about a character, when people were crying kokomi was bad, they were saying from the beginning she was fine, same with the alhaitham nerfs, they said they werent that bad and same with cyno, they predicted he was gonna be below avarage but decent enough, and well, he is.
    But this… this is different, when even they are saying she is absolute and utter garbage, then we have a problem lmao.


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