Blackcliff Forge – Home of Liyue's Weapons (Genshin Impact Lore)

In Southern Liyue, you can find an area known as the Blackcliff Forge. This place was where quite a few of Liyue’s weapons were created, including the Prototype and Blackcliff weapon series. In this video, I go over the lore of these weapons, and also speculate on a potential expansion here.


0:00 – Blackcliff Forge
0:42 – Prototype Weapons
3:52 – Blackcliff Weapons
9:57 – Potential Expansion
11:31 – Ending Notes

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15 thoughts on “Blackcliff Forge – Home of Liyue's Weapons (Genshin Impact Lore)”

  1. good lore video if the south of liyue will be release we will get more lore/story about this weapons.
    I'm speculation a name of a new playable character on han family side(if exist). Her name will be han sushang(genshin counterpart of hsr/hi3 sushang).
    Speculation model: medium female
    Speculation weapon: sword(keqing is the only medium female sword user in liyue for now)
    Speculation element geo or anemo. Possible role off-field dps or support
    Rarity 5 star if madame ping or xinqiu brother is not playable. 4 star if madame ping or xingqiu brother will be playable

  2. What you think about zhongli saying that tunels of forge are runing so deep in the earth that they reaching ruins of some civilizarion…could that be khanriah or something?

  3. I’m most definitely thinking Blackcliff Forge will be released next Lantern Rite as several npcs and the new Cloudforged bow from the recent event mention it. I would be so cool!

  4. if they make the Blackcliff weapon series craftable with a BlackCliff Forge expansion, they could take them out of the Starglitter shop and put in new 4 star weapons. Maybe the same can work for the Royal weapon series when the Dornman Port expansion gets released?


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