8 Minute Guide to Sucrose | Genshin Impact

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Intro and Showcase (0:00)
Basic Info (0:22)
Pros and Cons (0:26)
Active Talents (1:19)
Passive Talents (2:11)
Playstyles – EM Support (2:52)
EM Support – Talent Priority (3:23)
EM Support – Weapons (3:40)
EM Support – Artifacts (4:16)
Playstyles – On-field DPS (4:54)
On-field DPS – Talent Priority (5:26)
On-field DPS – Weapons (5:42)
On-field DPS – Artifacts (5:54)
Team Comps EM Support(6:45)
Team Comps On-Field DPS (7:20)
Outro (7:52)

Writer: EggsD
Thumbnail: xf3
Voice-over: Coronaus
Editor: Zeitraffer

Special thanks to EggsD for the showcase footage! Check out their channel:
Another special thanks to Faranight for additional help on the Sucrose guide feedback!

Music Used:
Song Artist: Feryquitous
Song Title: Central Nucleus

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33 thoughts on “8 Minute Guide to Sucrose | Genshin Impact”

  1. Planning to pair her with kazuha, she as a on field DPS while kazuha being a sub DPS. Can't wait to get him!!!! Klee banner is just too long omg 🤧!

  2. Hello guys I liked the guide but I think 4ps instructors is a better alternative than 2pc wanderers 2pc instructors. Also I would really like If you could add a section that tells what is the most pivotal constellation for said character and to rank their constellations in terms of importance just like the web guides. Cheers and congrats on the recent growth

  3. My main team relies on Sucrose as the main DPS, and Fiscl and Xiangling as the secondary DPS with Barbara as support. Fischl and Xianglings Elemental Skills stay on the field and cause overload damage (Which are both great on their own), and then I attack with Sucrose and it is a bloodbath! I love it.

  4. Wow, this was well done video… just got done watching another Sucrose video, and I must say, this was well thought out and concise… this was definitely helpful….. Tho I dont have Bennet or Dulic to go with Sucrose…. Will Xianglang work for now?

  5. Would love to play her but she lags my device so hard. Everyone and everything runs so smoothly but her omg. I just recently got her and the lag alone make me do not ever want to build her.

  6. I always feel what's best for her I always focus the damage my mistake is that she has the interaction of the elements but crit damage is but the right is the higher damage elemental mastry raise

  7. I started Sucrose with Mappa Mare. Now my Mappa Mare is lvl 80 at R3. I was gonna replace it with a R3 Sacrificial Fragments. But by some Bizzare Luck, I got Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds (Pity 6).

    So, Lost Prayer is not good on Sucrose? 🤔

  8. Worth noting that EM is one of the rarer, if not rarest main stat to get. Not to mention getting EM on all 3 VV pieces, you'd be farming that domain till probably till the MC's twin comes home.

  9. I swear her and Xiangling are amazing have Xiangling throw down her E then use Sucroses E and power attack and it’s insane how quickly enemies die

    Just a ps incase anyone was wondering as of now my team is made of rayzor my main dps Xiangling as my off hand dps then Barbara as healer (and her and rayzor work pretty well together) and sucrose as support (but her and Xiangling are amazing)


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