Winning Windtrace Event By Doing Absolutely Nothing – Genshin Impact

Windtrace is indeed a very fun event. This challenge was tough tho!
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33 thoughts on “Winning Windtrace Event By Doing Absolutely Nothing – Genshin Impact”

  1. me after I watch this video , ok lets do this try not to move without being captured minutes later omg its actually work I won 3x but not lucky on next round I got captured I accidentally press change so I got caught its very fun thx for the tip

  2. Camp at one spot(somewhere high) and use camouflage. When the hunter knows where you are you just run away, use camouflage or hide somewhere to lose them and return to the spot. Keep repeating this until round ends.

  3. Bruh… this event is so hilarious I cant lol! One game today, (it was at the liyue village with the flowers and scarecrows (sorry, i dont memorize geography)), all three of us were literally hiding at the spot with the most scarecrows and setting up those copies. It was the funniest shit ever cuz there's like 20 scarecrows in one spot yet we won. I know no one cares but I just wanted to point out that this game is golden when we do stupid things


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