UPDATED ITTO GUIDE! Best Itto Build – Artifacts, Weapons, Teams, Combos & Showcase | Genshin Impact

Itto is back. This guide covers EVERYTHING you need to know about his best builds, combos & so much more. Enjoy.
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Shoutout to Zajef77 for the weapon rankings:

Link to a VERY useful resource for itto’s combos by KeqingMains:
(buffering is also explained in this same link)

ty for likes & subs it means a lot
hope u enjoy πŸ˜€
bonus ushi clip at the end for you ushi fans too
Initial Info (0:00)
Talents & Playstyle (0:34)
Artifact Sets (4:09)
Artifact Stats [How Much ER?] (5:19)
Weapons [ALL Weapons Ranked] (6:14)
Best Combos & Advanced Tips (8:18)
Constellations [How Good Are They?] (11:21)
Team Comps [Important] (13:32)
DPS Showcase [Abyss 12] (17:58)
Overall (19:53)
K-391 – Earth [NCS Release]
NCS: Music Without Limitations

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31 thoughts on “UPDATED ITTO GUIDE! Best Itto Build – Artifacts, Weapons, Teams, Combos & Showcase | Genshin Impact”

  1. Ushi is such a vibe he's just jamming fr…

    BTW: I highly recommend investing highly into itto (lvl 90/90 & high talent levels) to really enable your hypercarry.
    & Kuki guide will be out tomorrow btw (slightly delayed — future character guide will be out much faster dw)

  2. Thanks for the really detailed build! I finally got itto and tried the monogeo team and Its really op like wow and my itto uses serpent spine which is rlly powerful enough ngl, i was gonna try to get redhorn but i dont wanna risk getting memory of dust πŸ’€, so im trying to get c6 gorou instead i have c5 rn and its such a pain i really hope i can get his last copy this banner πŸ™πŸ»

  3. i unexpectedly got itto, and man his gameplays super interesting. definitely unlike anyone I've ever played (and i main childe, klee, and hu tao.)

    its such a challence to learn the combos, but for him i will persevere.

  4. i got redhorn yesterday and im so happy because i can finally get rid of my lvl 90 r3 whiteblind. im happy because i could finally stop doing 4 normal attacks before using his burst, which is a waste of time just to get its max stacks.

    triple crowned itto main since his release btw

  5. I’m surprised r5 SS is ranked higher than R5 Whiteblind, from my own comparison whiteblind takes the cake since it gives you so much DEF. Sure SS gives dmg bonus but you’ll be lacking the DEF itself.
    However, I did checked without Benny, just mono geo. Easier to set up without having to rely on Benny boy.


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