This is the Real Reason I Stopped Spending in Genshin Impact:

Giveaways are cool and can help give back to the community. But it just shows how crushingly expensive Genshin Impact can be, and not getting what you want could waste thousands

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47 thoughts on “This is the Real Reason I Stopped Spending in Genshin Impact:”

  1. I've been noticing how I don't care to watch wishing session videos anymore, I wonder if it's just me and maybe a few others or do these get less views nowadays? I suppose the novelty has worn off for me, one exception is if I'm watching someone play, especially when they don't have much or even have a fresh account, even more bonus points if they're a new player and/or f2p. It's interesting to see what they'll get to work with, how they choose to go about it and how that then changes the experience, but with just wishing sessions I feel disconnected. Not complaining btw., I'm just curious about others. With all these conditions, a single off-meta 4* pull interests me more than 1k wishes.

  2. I don't want wishes, but I would really love for you to optimize my current account even if its embarrassing on stream for me. I feel like I have something really good, but can't figure out how to get it cleaned up. I'm basically a game8 / gamewith character build

    Im BP/Welkin/ and I got a couple top ups from wife for birthday. (not the $100 bs)

  3. i feel so sad for the second person sure they couldnt prove they already won a giveaway but winning that one too probably sucked out all their luck for a year atleast

  4. Do you need to be subbed on twitch to enter? I don't even have a twitch account, and want to know if I can enter if he does this again. I am as free to play as it gets.

  5. Its kinda making me sad that whales tried to get the win too. Im not a big whale or something but I spent around 300 Euro on the game since the beginning and I could spent more if I wanted because I have a job and stuff. There are others that have no money at all. I would never take part in such a giveaway…

  6. Just lost my 1st 50/50 tp Diluc last night after grinding so hard for primogems since the delay announcement. Can't say I'm upset cuz I knew it was gonna happen after my insane luck with my 1st 3 5 stars (Ganyu and C1 Raiden Shogun) but still…having spent so much effort grinding for primogems for nothing leaves a bitter taste

  7. Yo if you wanna help someone, help me man. I used my birthday money for welkin moon and bp. I’m hoping and praying to god for Kazuha’s rerun. That’s when I’m actually gonna drop some real money of my own for real. I was trying for a purple sword for Kuki, but weapon banner is crap 🙁


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