The Ultimate Genshin Impact Lore Tier List (2.1)

This is a schedule video 😀 IT’S FINALLY TIME, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Finally time for the Ultimate Genshin Impact Lore 2.1 Tier List where I talk about the almighty – and depressing – lore that will ever come in this game!

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49 thoughts on “The Ultimate Genshin Impact Lore Tier List (2.1)”

  1. Aaaah i wouldn’t have cared if this were too long but daamn i wanted to hear what you had to say, you start to sound interesting and have deep reflections but then cut and next character!

  2. Diluc…his story, while I have experienced nothing like it, thank god, is very personal feeling to me. Because I know that had I been in his position, I would have done, and would be doing the same thing. In a world like Tevyat and the circumstances he was in, of course I would try to avenge my father, and while I’m ashamed to admit it, I would do exactly what he did, and continues to do.

    His ire towards the knights from what I saw in the webtoon, is completely understandable. To try and downplay his father’s sacrifice just to save face is completely horrid, and if I was Diluc I don’t know if I would be able to stop myself from burning the man who suggested it.

    The only disconnect I feel is how he treated Kaeya. I mean, for him to reveal to you his affiliation with Khan’riah, it shows he isn’t trying to be hostile, but due to Diluc’s volatility he completely saw red.

  3. The fact that the Twins’s lore gets even more depressing if we read through the Sword and Wings of Descention’s descriptions and look through the events in the Abyss’s twins side it gets way more depressing than it already is. The implications of those item descriptions is so upsetting.

  4. Dang, this video really showed how I fell in love with this game. The characters were really done well that I actually felt something for all of them. Despite the change of the story, it won't change the fact that we'll still continue to have great characters. As one of the many Travelers of Teyvat, I am proud I got to play an amazing game.

  5. I personally found Rosaria's origins story to be quite sad not only because of the harsh circumstances of her upbringing like starving and stuff but mainly cos of the sense of doubt she's left with that kinda haunts her about whether the mentor figure who she was forced to kill actually cared for her and let her kill him, or he never did and so she never truly had a parent/mentor figure in the first place and so she just cant trust people. Ig the mondstadt alcoholic squad all have serious baggage 😭

  6. People be completely missing Scaramouche’s Frankenstein parallels. Don’t create sentience unless you plan to take care of it adgjyzsghrfjh

    I feel like just due to what happens in the story Thoma should get an “unfortunately uplifting” (not that I’m arguing with you!)

    He’s a fixer for one, a people’s person who always has a friend or a connection or a way forward, we saw that in Ritou. Thoma just always has a little something something in his pocket, and if he doesn’t, he’ll find it. But in the Archon quest, we see him stripped of all of that. All his hard work, his people credit, his congeniality, all of it was reduced to nothing with his capture, and then his subsequent need to hide in the tea house, not as a result of anything he did or the type of person he was but as the mere consequence of owning a vision. It makes it even more poignant that Ayala, his one lifeline couldn’t save him.

    Knowing now that Thoma was from Mondstadt makes this even sadder. When he sends the traveler away, it’s because he’s out of options, out of resources, out of people. There’s nothing left. So it’s a little vindicating when Traveler comes back to Narukami and gets back in contact with the Yashiro commission. He’s so happy to see you, and all he can talk about is getting out, seeing the outside again. And yes it was played for laughs, but if you think about it, for Thoma it’s that his kindness is finally paying dividends. His little friendships and relationships as part of the Yashiro Commission are giving back

    In Ei’s story quest, that is to say the aftermath, he’s a happy little busybody all over again negotiating with the other commissions, settling affairs of state, back to being the connecting point for so many lives and happenstances like he’s so good at

    Lol sorry for as little as we got of him, I just really love Thoma

  7. I was really hoping Xingling would lose the cooking competition in the recent event. She needs to lose one for character development…or at least feel sad that she can't find anyone to truly test her. (Yeah they might've played up that other guy but he still lost)

  8. I definitely agree with the majority of these, however…

    I feel like Amber should be one higher, because she lost her grandfather and is the only one who carries on his legacy. And the fact that she's so happy and keeps moving on despite that, makes it uplifting.

    Meanwhile, I think Kujou, Tartaglia should be one lower. They don't seem deep enough for me. Or the very least pit Tartaglia on the lower end of that tier.

  9. Another fun Razor moment was during the Golden Apple archipelago and he was so confused about Alice or why he felt all warm and fuzzy about all this because he doesn't even know what a mom is.

    I like how when Aster got to Venti, she just put him AND Zhongli immediately in the top sadness tier, and when it was Xiao's turn she just dragged him up with no elaboration and moved on to the next character. We all know these three immortal men are depressing as hell so anyway.

  10. The funny thing about Jean is in Golden Apple Archipelago, she called Diluc "Diluc-senpai" with cheerful tone, yet called Kaeya "Kaeya-san"with flat tone.

    Really indicates Jean has a crush on Diluc

  11. maybe its because i am a twin myself, but aether and lumine’s story hits me every now and then. they were separated, unable to know if he would ever see her again, and dumped into a land he knew nothing about. and after searching and searching and fighting and helping people, just to have a chance of seeing her again, when they meet she is cold, and on the side of those that have been hurting innocent people, and friends he had made along the way. she will not explain anything, does not seem happy to see him, and the person he knew better than himself, that he knew would always have his back, has changed, and isnt the person he knew, and he has no idea why. and she wont listen to him, doesnt give him a chance to ask questions, and she slips from his grasp, and hes alone again. the most important person to him, leaves. and idk man, that just hurts.
    kaeya’s story is very upsetting as well, and so is scaramouche’s. this game is good at tugging your heartstrings

  12. Fischl and Diona are the most relaable charcters for me . I use books and games as escape mechanics to get away from my dad all the time, except now I can't do that anymore. Since he hates me reading books, watching tv, or playing a game but what can I do. he's just the super strict Asian dad that thinks mental health isn't important and depression is fake.

    I lingered on the impending doom of him being corrupted – with him being nonhuman at first and also counting on the traveler to end him if that time may come. He’s like a ticking time bomb.

  14. I feel like Rozalia needs separate story to make up for her lore, because honestly her story is kinda the most fucked up.
    Her village wasnt just ransacked, it was massacred, bandit gangs dont just leave everyone alive when they rob vilages…
    And she wasnt taken to be the assasin nobody gonna look at small girl and deside that she is gonna be great killer, they did take her to basically be their slave do errands and stuff, she had to prove herself by challenging leader of the gang ( basicaly her only fatherly figure) to the duel, and well killing him in that duel
    and after all of that Knights hunted dawn the gang, basicaly repeating the whole cycle for her again…
    Yeah she got saved from punishment by master Varka and send to the church to
    and you can say it somewhat happy ending for her, but she obviosly doesnt fit there, it would be lot better for her to be with knights not with bunch of nuns,
    still tho after all she lived through she desides to protect her new home, no matter what and even gains some recognition of her skills and passion from others..
    but too be honest you need to look somewhat deep to know all of that, I get why you actually dont feel allot for her, story doesnt make you too,
    it simular case to the Qiqi but it way easier to feel sympathetic tho the innocent child that just got in the wrong place in the wrong time, then for just deppresed nun
    and really Rosalia doesnt want anyone to feel sorry for her so I guess this is just how it should be.

  15. Hello Most Amazing Aster, I have came across a German play called “The Ring Of Nibelung”. I won’t say anything much about the potential connection from this play to Genshin, because I love making the connections myself and I don’t want to ruin that for anyone else, so, please enjoy finding the connections if that is what you enjoy as well. ^^

    Also … this is my favorite little … theory connection thing(?) so … I would love to have a conversation about the connections between other people.

  16. idk but i think diluc deserves to be at the red spot. witnessing the tragig death of his father and is forced to keep it secret for the sake of the knights in mondstadt is just straight depressing. Either way, we have our own opinion

  17. Anemo characters sees loss and seeks to avoid those losses
    Geo characters works diligently to protect what they cared
    Electro characters seeks to preserve themselves or thing they cared
    Hydro characters are pure-willed on their goals
    Pyro characters are passionate to do things they want
    Cryo characters are conflicted with themselves


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