The New Abyss… Hope you got Furina (Genshin Impact)

Today in Genshin Impact we doing the new abyss, I go over the enemies and strategies to beat them, guide style. So many Fathomless Flames…
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0:00 Floor 11 Guide
1:30 Floor 11 Teams
2:00 Floor 11 Run
3:28 Floor 12 Guide
5:21 Floor 12 Teams
5:34 Floor 12 Run
9:27 New Abyss Thoughts


34 thoughts on “The New Abyss… Hope you got Furina (Genshin Impact)”

  1. For anyone struggling with 12-3 first half, there’s an easy way to group the lectors and it’s really worth it in order to hit both at once: you go to the side of one of them and go to the very edge of the arena, line them up so that the one further away is behind the one you’re closer to. Putting this much distance between you and the lector will cause him to slowly walk forwards, it takes like 10 seconds but it’s genuinely worth it to have them both be possible to hit at once which is very important, because it basically doubles your dps in a way (you kill both at once instead of having to kill one and then the other).

  2. I finished that abyss 36 stars with ayaka and raiden's national team. 😊
    (Those teams are basically 2 years old 😂 with only three 5 star characters and btw all the weapons i used are f2p)

  3. The DPS check is so out of balance with the rest of the game. If you gear your team to handle this, then everything else becomes unplayably easy. Only solution: ignore abyss entirely and keep your teams at level 80 c0 with 4* weapons

  4. I hope they bring back the hydro and cryo lector combo but make it 3 waves and the second wave is 2 pyro lector and the third wave is pyro and electro lector with 3 rifthound whelps

    Then put 4 constipated beasts on the second half with 3 waves and each wave has 4 constipated beasts.

  5. I 36 starred abyss using lvl 70 furina low level talents and trash weapon also my baizu was lvl 50 with random HP artifacts. Can't even imagine what she would do when i max her.

  6. Remember what made it this easy for you was the c2 Furina with C1 Neuvilette. While C0 is also enough. It is much harder…. The first half of all chambers is more challenging otherwise

  7. a bit more challenging for sure… but still crazy easy, took me 2 tries and im yelanless, furiless and neuvilless ^^' xingqiu was my best friend in team 1 and kokomi for hyperbloom in team 2


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