The Diluc Event Has SO MUCH Secret Lore… | Genshin Impact 2.8

Genshin Impact is great, Diluc and Kaeya lore HIT HARD IN THIS EVENT.


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31 thoughts on “The Diluc Event Has SO MUCH Secret Lore… | Genshin Impact 2.8”

  1. There's no event in Genshin that Diluc and Kaeya aren't together. When one is present, so does the other. I'm actually frustrated in the first 4 days since it's only like battle event when I was expecting we'll see more of the RagBros lore. Then the 5th day came and we've been surprised by this lore bombs—esp. with Kaeya's identity confirmation. There has always been this theory that Kaeya is the Prince of Khaenriah. And this event proved otherwise.

    I cannot wait to see more of Diluc and Kaeya interaction in the future. The lore relating to Mondstadt is so interesting esp. they're our close contact with the Khaenriah lore with Kaeya and Albedo at present.

  2. So Kaeya isn’t the prince but he comes from a clan of regents and probably Khaenri’ahn nobility. Interesting…

    And this also raises the chances that Kaeya and Pierro are related considering Pierro had a problem with the previous ruler, and Kaeya was not the descendant of the previous ruler as we inferred. 👀

  3. The letters and message in the wall is still there after the event, it’s missing out in seeing Kaeya at the Dawn Winery that pisses me off. So glad you were able to catch it though.
    If it’s voiced then I always wanna hear it, no matter how useless the dialogue might be. I wanna experience everything in these events.

  4. felt like Mondstatd's lore and characters if far more developed compared to Liyue and Inazuma, and thanks to the Manga we able to understand the context between everything but texts

  5. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but this event was a huge disappointment even with the second part for me. It was supposed to give us the backstory on Diluc's skin and it really didn't. All it told us was that it was an outfit from back in the days. No explanation for all the fatui aesthetic, the lack of vision, the scratches on the back, nothing. We didnt even get a nicely rendered cutscene like every other 5* skin got, or some kind of reason for why he even put on the outfit at the end there.

    We didnt get any new Diluc lore either – everything about him was already covered in his character profile. Kaeya is the only one who got real new significant lore. Dont get me wrong I love the lore itself, Kaeya is one of my favorite characters along with Diluc, Childe and Kazuha. But as a Diluc main, I'm very bitter that he didnt get the spotlight we were promised, and that it was (once again) mostly stolen from his brother who everyone is always so eager to victimize.

    tl;dr for an event that was supposed to specifically sell us Diluc and his new skin, it really missed its mark. I'm happy with the new lore but very annoyed that they couldn't give us that AND some proper new Diluc content.


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