the cold TRUTH! is Zhongli still worth it in 2.4? | Genshin Impact

Zhongli is regarded by the majority of the Genshin Impact community as one of the strongest support units in the entire game for his massive shielding power and the crazy utility that his shields bring. So it isn’t a surprise that his 3rd banner rateup slated for the later half of 2.4 has drawn a lot of hype, but it has also drawn a lot of questions as to his worth, considering the recent and large amount of inadvertent nerfs to shielding. So today, we’re gonna discuss the cold truth and answer the question ‘Is Zhongli still worth your primogems in 2.4?’

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by Eric Godlow


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0:00 Intro
0:44 Zhongli Brief Analysis
1:50 Shielding Concerns
4:05 My Answer to the Problem

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20 thoughts on “the cold TRUTH! is Zhongli still worth it in 2.4? | Genshin Impact”

  1. I'm new to GI and I'm pulling for him, I have bennet he heals and buff. As for Zhongli his skills shield and dmg are scaling of his health so he can do good damage and shield at the same time. am I wrong.

  2. I don’t use Noel nor Xinxan…which means I had to use Barbara and Qiqi to survive Raiden Shogun… while doing chip damage with Geo Lumine and Ningguang….

    I wish I could have pulled Zhongli when he first release…or in the second banner run

    Hopefully 3rd run Is the charm….then To save again for Kazuha ( when ever his banner re-runs again)

    Note: I’m not going for constellations I Just want to unlock the characters….

  3. Zhongli would help me a ton since I play on a tablet so I’m way more clumsy and help me when I do ore farming, though he would be in my backup team since my main shielder in my main team is Thoma.

  4. Yo forgot to mention that his burst petrified mobs for a good amount of time, he's the only one in the game who can do this. With Zhongli you don't even need a freeze squad if you have enough er, you just petrify the enemy until they are dead and they can't do anything to you.

  5. i'm on copium, gonna stick with thoma and diona for the meantime since i've been waiting for yae and raiden. kinda sucks if all of 2.4 are on my lists to pull, now i want a childe rerun just to space things up. lol

  6. Simply put. Yes zhongli is very worth it. I wish u could have 2. The only character I regret not getting is kokomi. She would have been my second zhongli, only to heal with her amazing heals.

  7. as a yanfei main, zhongli is a must have for my team. i can’t stand another charged attack being canceled just bc yanfei is so vulnerable to interruption.

  8. Even if Geo Daddy wasn't viable, I'm pulling according to thirst at this moment in time and as long as this man talks to me, he can suck Osmantis wine off my bare ass, idefc.


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