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  1. Omg i relate so much to this and everything he said. Im a f2p, saved for almost 6 months for Venti and pulled for him in the last banner…
    Nothing, literally nothing.
    And i really wanted him so i spent every single primogems. I didnt get him. Now it will take me ages to save a good amount of primos again T.T

  2. i`m so sorry for your bad luck envy i really was looking forward to seeing you use rosaria but it is what is, still your content is amazing 👍

  3. Damn all of those pulls for practically nothing. I feel bad for him. Hopefully he gets her later when pulling on a 5 star banner where he actually wants the 5 star. It’s not easy being F2P. Takes so dang long to build up primogems so i understand him not wanting to potentially waste a pity. Rosaria will be back anyway.

  4. I wanted childe and got rosaria C2, fischl C5 and mona. I was really close to giving up i made one pull to raise my pity and childe decided to come home NXKDKDK

  5. though i definitely agree with envi im f2p and i have diluc mona childe hu tao ganyu and c1 jean (and all 4 stars except xingqiu and rosaria) so,,, its definitely possible to get lots of 5 stars even without swiping! (got super lucky with hu tao on 14 and tartaglia+jean 20 into pity) however i dont really have constellations and i regret wishing so much because childe is the only character i really love playing and if i hadnt given in to that temptation i mightve been able to at least c3 or c4 him this reroll banner;;

  6. My condolences Envi,I didn't pull any on that banner since I already have Childe and yeah, 4* will always come back later sooner than expected

  7. Hahaha why is everyone making a big deal out of this? He had 70k primos, and he was greedy to think he WILL get her with 20 wishes.

    It makes no sense to me why he was mad, well actually it does, he deluded himself and was convinced he will get her with minimum spending..

    On another hand he could have all the 5* in the world and still be "F2P", it's about what you use not what you have! It's not like that 5* sitting in your inventory gonna boost your crit rate or crit damage.

    It's the opposite situation of when someone posts his F2P Diluc with a Gravestone and everybody mocks them, they just got lucky, simply like Envi got unlucly.

    Back to "saving for Ayaka" I suppose LMAO

  8. It's okay man. We f2p have been there. We know how it feels. I personally skipped rosaria because I'm at 55. I was extremely tempted but watching your video has given strength to my resolve.

    I'll play smart, not bet on my luck, because luck is not something we can control.

    Stay smart, take care

  9. I dun get it. F2P players can also pull on the featured banner, in fact any banner as long as the weapons are not from the shop or the battlepass. Why restrict and define yourself to this extend and cause yourself misery?

  10. As a somewhat F2P I can relate, I’m waiting to see what’s after childe before I wish on him at all, I have enough to guarantee I get the banner character after flopping on venti for jean

  11. this was me in ganyu banner Sadge. i got ganyu first roll and i rolled 55 more for noelle constellations but got another ganyu so it reseted my pity for xiao when i was only supposed to build pity for him. i didn't even get a single noelle in ganyu banner. even in xiao banner, on the last day i had to ascend world level in order to get another roll for him but got diluc instead 💔


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