Tectone Reacts to "So This is Basically Genshin Impact"

Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83gLgmynvLM
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33 thoughts on “Tectone Reacts to "So This is Basically Genshin Impact"”

  1. As someone who loves playing Sayu, Diona, and Qiqi on various teams, the "too short and must d/ie" thing is SO TRUE

    The amount of times I've been screwed out of switching from Qiqi to Kazuha cannot be counted, it is infinity.

  2. Most relateable thing in that whole video,no matter if you love or hate Paimon if you played Genshin and you're decently high enough AR you at least once have been "let's explore that area later"-ed of off a cliff by her =)))))))))))

  3. Just a half a billion……how are they able to make such a good game with only that much of money….man the Dev's are great and care a lot about the players immersion….

  4. It’s a game you are playing for free why would that be bad to lock you behind a pay wall, you play to progress or pay to get where you want in the game I don’t get why ppl would complain about it being free…. FREEEE, everyone would bitch if they made it into a subscription or pay to get the game and more pay wall in it for cosmetics because we are already in the frame of mind of their pay system. It gets a bit old and tedious hearing about what we have known for a year

  5. someone finally talked about it lol
    youre in a fight> ur dps isnt an adult male> zhongli shield expires> theres something over ur head> U CANT HAVE ZHONGLI RIGHT NOW BECAUSE HE WONT FIT HERE> death.


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