Today in Genshin Impact we’re doing a Sumeru “Sumery” (like summary but very close to the spelling of Sumeru… I know, it’s genius.)

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32 thoughts on “Sumeru”

  1. dendro, hydro, and electro comps are gonna pull off some absurd AoE splash damage, I'm calling it now.

    Electrocharge was already a very good reaction when used right (grouping enemies so it spreads more). But Dendro in the mix just seems to amplify that. Can't wait to see it put into action cause I can already tell it's gonna do quite a lot.

  2. me personally, i am most interested in the new 4 stars and nilou. mainly collei just because of her lore in the manga and i hope they mention more about her in quests. I HOPE SHE HAS A HANGOUT EVENT

  3. I'm so happy to hear you also like Dori's design cus I haven't seen many people excited about her as I am, bc her design is so much fun and one of my favorites from the Sumeru characters 😭💕

  4. honestly im excited about the exploration. for mondstat, liyue, and inazuma i was obsessed with advancing in the story since all regions were already released and some of my friends spoke about it a lot, so i basically speedran everything. This time, though, i wanna really take my time and explore before completing all the quests

  5. I have 76 pity and im waiting zhongli THIS IS PERFECT as i have 4 fates and i can save up for 10 more within the next event then if i lose the 50/50 i still get a character but i just hope its zhongli , even jean i just want an okay legendary


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