SPICIEST 'Would You Rather' Genshin Impact Questions! (ft. ColeyDoesThings)

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38 thoughts on “SPICIEST 'Would You Rather' Genshin Impact Questions! (ft. ColeyDoesThings)”

  1. 1. Raiden puppet, very hot.
    2.Target run with Kaeya, i feel like we would be non stop laughing the whole time.
    3.Cared for by Hu Tao, for the same reason.
    4.Work at Angel's Share with Diluc, seemed fun during the event.
    5. Yunjin concert, her voice is beautiful.
    6.I'd rather get hit on by a Hilichurl, granted i probably wouldnt understand a word they said.
    7.Baron Bunny, so hecking cuuute
    8.Ayato as a brother, cuz if Itto was my dad….anywayyyyys….

  2. On last question I'll 100% pick Ayato over Itto, not because I like him more than Itto, but because if Itto was my dad, I Will grow with huge Daddy issues and Will be Forever sad and lonely because I could not find a person that It's goodlooking and funny as him. Meanwhile, if Ayato was my Brother i think i Will live a pretty chill Life, considering also the fact Ayato treats Ayaka very nicely. Plus, if Ayato was my Brother, I could also Hangout with Ayaka, Thoma and Itto (Since him and Ayato are Friends), so It's a Win/Win situation. Unless, what the question meant to Say Is that Ayato Will be physically Transported in our world, but as my Brother, and if thats the case my answer Will be the same.

  3. 1. ENJOU 100%
    the most fun and hot (literally) character in Genshin <33 (also I totally didn't make this comment just to express my love for him for the millionth time, nuh uh)
    2. Ikea with Dain, definitely! I'm a lore nerd, and wandering among furniture while listening to his trauma du- I mean, experiences sounds like a perfect day to me
    3. this is a tough one… I'll have to go with Benny simply because he probably has more experience treating wounds, and hope nothing goes too wrong
    4. as much as I love cats, I'm allergic to them T-T so Angel's Share is the only viable option
    I don't mind though, Diluc is a sweetheart and I would love to get to know him more
    5. Childe all the way! the concert would be such a meme and I'd love that
    also I feel like he'd unironically be good at playing guitar? idk, just the vibe I get from him
    6. ugh I can't stand Albert, would rather smooch a hilichurl fr
    7. Oz <3 I feel like he'd be interesting to chat with, and I like the slightly snarky side of him
    8. honestly I get what you're saying with Ayato being too pretty to just be your brother, and I feel the same way :[
    Itto would be a really fun dad, so definitely that!

  4. I feel like if I were to go on a date with a Hilicurls, we’d just sleep all day and lay by the cliff side lazily, or it’ll attempt to teach Hilicurlian. Hell, getting dance lessons on how to dance like one sounds like a hell of a time.
    Albert’s on the other hand- he’s just creepy and there’s really nothing going about him. He ain’t interesting.

    Hilicurl 100%

  5. Raider Shogun puppet. Definitely.

    With Kaeya. I think it would be boring with Dain.

    Hutao. Definitely. I don’t think she’d unalive me. Those jokes are just jokes. Bennet would be fine if he wasn’t so unlucky.

    With Diluc. I think it would be fun working at that bar.

    Yun Jin opera. It would at least be classy. I think I’d enjoy that more.

    Maybe a Hilichurl. Yes. With a hilichurl. I just would feel awful with Albert.

    Oz. He’d at least provide me with communication. Also, BB takes so long to explode.

    Ayato as a brother. Then I’d be financially stable and I think we’d get along.

  6. For me….
    Dat with Enjou
    Target with Kaeya
    Bennett since his ult heals
    Cats Tail with Diona because I love cats!!!
    Yun Jin opera hands down 100%
    Hilichurl because hell no Albert
    Oz he is so handy to have around!
    Ayato as my brother because supportive big bro!

  7. Date the Shogun Puppet. Don't judge me.
    Target with Kaeya. Ikea scares me.
    Bennett at least wouldn't deliberately try to hasten my demise
    Diluc would be a consistent boss and coworker.
    Yun Jin definitely.
    Hilichurl. You won't get arrested for beating them off with a stick.
    Ozzzzzzz. I don't need any explosives, thanks, no matter how cute.
    Oh gods. Ayato as brother. Itto would be a total deadbeat.


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