Ranking BEST to WORST Inazuma Characters! (Genshin Impact)

This is my updated opinion about all of the Inazuma or 2.0 – 2.8 characters released in Genshin Impact to celebrate the MASSIVE Sumeru update that’s coming soon 😀 Goodbye Inazuma!

0:00 Intro
0:34 Ayaka
1:34 Kazuha
2:20 Yoimiya
3:15 Sayu
4:26 Aloy
5:02 Kujou Sara
5:45 Raiden Shogun
6:45 Kokomi
7:52 Thoma
8:45 Itto
9:26 Gorou
9:54 Yun Jin
10:35 Shenhe
11:22 Yae Miko
12:05 Ayato
12:46 Yelan
13:39 Kuki Shinobu
14:26 Heizou
14:48 Final Thoughts (Pseudo Tier List or Ranking)

You can call it Genshin Impact tier list 2.8 but it’s really more like my thoughts about all the Inazuma characters 😀
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31 thoughts on “Ranking BEST to WORST Inazuma Characters! (Genshin Impact)”

  1. Inazuma’s characters were such a diverse and inconsistent group. You get characters that you can no longer envision not having in the game, they’re so good and fun to play (Kazuha, Raiden, Yelan), then you get characters that unless a system change boosts their play style, the majority of the community isn’t ever gonna touch again (Thoma and Kuki). But for me it’s a big positive. The game would be dead if the Inazuma releases weren’t as effective and diverse as they are. They didn’t power creep Liyue characters our of the meta, and still added good diversity to the gameplay with most of the niche characters. I think they’re learning their lessons from the year 1 releases.

  2. well.. the only inconsistence in this video is the fact Kaedehara Kazuha and Aloy were considered as Inazumans (and, If you really believe in this logic, Thoma shouldnt be in the same list) but Electro Lumine/Aether not, this was really frustrating because its the FIRST inazuman character introduced.

  3. 11:40 I think Yae was the most nerfed character in the game, and it really shows; she was 100% meant to be a main DPS initially with evidence from the early leaks, AND the Shimenawa set being her BIS-set aesthetically like most characters's BIS-sets, EOSF for Raiden, and Shimenawa for Yae, it makes sense especially with the obvious synergy Yae has with the set bonus, ESPECIALLY if it originally stacked bonus with each skill cast, AND with all the "effort" that was put into making her NAs unique, especially with her use of the staff

    and it just makes me really mad, because she was one of the most hyped characters in game, and that all ABRUPTLY ended the moment she released and people realised how clunky she is currently

    BUT that "clunkiness" from long-on-field-time and mediocre NA range, would've made TOTAL SENSE if she were actually the main DPS suited for the Shimenawa set like she originally was

    now she's barely anything more than a more-dmg, less-utility Fischl, that is the cost of a 5-star; I doubt it'll never happen, but I want Yae to get a buff, ESPECIALLY a buff to make her a DPS once again, one that could actually compete with other top DPSes in DPS, because the rest of the catalyst DPSes all fall way behind standard DPSes, Yae was the last hope for DPS catalyst users with her "dmg similar to Ganyu" leaks and such

    Mihoyo did her dirty, and I'm very upset by it

  4. 2.0 patch was a roller coaster ride for me, I got burnt out TWICE and the second time I got burnout, I went to the point where I really hated the game. But since we're here I also wanna share my opinions on 2.0/Inazuma characters sorted by how I like them/my opinion on what they offer, and some suggestions probably

    (unranked basically because I don't have them): Gorou, Shenhe, Kokomi,, and Yelan

    14. Aloy: I really don't feel like playing her TBH so she's at the bottom XD

    13. Thoma: My copium phase on him is over and I should say that he's a wasted potential, too niche, and kinda not futureproof. And personally, he can't even be a "Zhongli sidegrade" assuming you have both unlike how Xingqiu and Yelan works

    12. Sayu: Another wasted potential TBH. She IS Anemo, she IS a 4 star character, and her rolling thing is unique. If her E has just better damage she might be fun in abyss. I've seen a gameplay video of Kaeya – Xiangling – Kuki – Sayu and I had fun watching the video but I should really say that in that video Xiangling and Kaeya only carries.

    11. Kuki: Personally, she is niche BUT if ToTM didn't exist, I think she will be useless in my account because when I first saw clip, I immediately wanted her to be a ToTM holder. She is okay but that's it.

    10. Kujou Sara: I like her personality but gameplay-wise I feel like I'd rather use Mona than her. I'm originally planning her to pair with Keqing but my Keq is c5 and her c4 needs an electro reaction so Mona is the better option for my account.

    9. Itto: Good character personality-wise and gameplay-wise except for two things: his body and his JP voice. Not to bring down his VA, but unlike EN and CN dub, his JP sounds like a drunkard adult more than a delinquent and I use JP dub a lot so that's a turnoff for me.

    8. Yun Jin: I like her design TBH. The downside of her is being niche. But I know definitely that despite being a niche character, she is futureproof.

    7. Yae Miko: I like her gameplay tho it's a bit clunky. One thing I can suggest to her gameplay is to have a hold option to make her summon three of her totems at once. Personality-wise I also got turned off at her because she's too scheming.

    6. Yoimiya: During her release, I don't like her clunkiness so I didn't pull for her. After some few patches I decided to pull to characters who you like so I definitlely pulled for her in her rerun and I had no regrets.

    5. Heizou: He's super solid TBH. I like him in electro-charged comps and he's fun and satisfying to play.

    4. Raiden: She's also solid and not to mention she is voiced by the Miyuki Sawashiro so I definitely pulled for her. But unlike most of the people, I won't get her c2 or c3 because I don't need extra numbers on her.

    3. Ayato: He's also in a mess, I liked him because he's a hydro sword user, Ayato is a good name, and is voiced by Akira Ishida but definitely got turned off byhis flamboyant design and his back. I underestimated him at first but now I don't regret pulling for him.

    2. Ayaka: Ever since 1.0 I really wanted her. I was one of those people who got scammed by that free Ayaka once you reach AR42. I'm happy that she's super solid and satisfying to play. I want to pair her with Kokomi once her re-rerun is back and hopefully, c2 Ayaka.

    1. Kazuha: Deym ma boi Kazuchad. He's basically the reason why I keep coming back to the game. I liked every single aspect of his design tbh. I have him at c2 rn and originally I have two builds on him: EM support and DPS, tho the latter is already on Heizou now. I really like this guy, his calmness and maturity and how he's fun, solid, and futureproof gameplay-wise.

  5. I definitely think kuki was designed with future characters/dendro characters in mind. I mean lets think about the controversy around kokomi and how the fanbase went from seeing her as a hard skip to the premium pick for freeze teams. Also, the Clam set was released after kokomi and gave players the option to utilize her kit in a more offensive way. So going back to shinobu, Im convinced that she was designed with dendro in mind and will find her niche in updates to come.

  6. Try using Sayu alongside Kazuha he helps get characters closer with his skill and when they’re grouped up it is easier to generate particles with her skill plus he can move her ult. Yae I dunno how you can use her aside from juggling characters in the air.


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