NEWS!!! Genshin Impact Has WON The Award 2022 GJA


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Best Mobile Game:

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Genshin Impact has won the Still Playing award at the Golden Joystick Awards 2022 which was announced Yesterday. The Golden Joystick Awards, also known as the People’s Gaming Awards, is a video game award ceremony, it awards the best video games of the year. Here are the nominees, of course we are happy about this news but, HoYoverse didn’t announce it on the Genshin official twitter or anywhere else. It means there is no Freemogems of Free Primogems for the players about winning this award. HoYoverse only give Freemogems if they win The Game Awards and PlayStation Grand Award. Because it’s the highest award for the game companies and developers. We believe Genshin Impact will win again this year at The Game Awards 2022 for the best mobile game or the best on going game award. So make sure to vote for Genshin Impact so we can get 10 Free Intertwined Fates or 10 Free Pulls

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22 thoughts on “NEWS!!! Genshin Impact Has WON The Award 2022 GJA”

  1. they just keep using us to vote for their game in hope we get freemogems and they give is nothing in return, what's the point, we should stop voting for genshin if that's how they like to treat us

  2. This award is a joke now. Basically since there is a big enough fan base, Genshin can manipulate the rating by getting every player to vote for them as a persuasion/bribing technique. They need to make it so a game can only win once every two years.


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