MiHoYo Just Delivered The Death Blow For Genshin Impact 2.3…

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Genshin Impact Shenhe and Yunjin reveal has taken the community by storm.

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28 thoughts on “MiHoYo Just Delivered The Death Blow For Genshin Impact 2.3…”

  1. im really hoping yun jin is a healer since we still need a geo healer in the game(noelle doesn't really count) and that shenhe is a support that can level with zhongli and kazuha level of broken

  2. Maybe physical DpS as Shenhe is cryo so superconduct is easy with all the electro characters we have now. Yunjin holding dragon bane so maybe EM crystallized center thing unless it’s a meme from Mihoyo 🤔

  3. For me, shenhe is gonna have to straight up beat my love for ganyu either with power or personality/lore/voice to get my primos. Cause imma pull for either itto or eula in 2.3, and I'm pulling for yae, who is likely in 2.5, so if ganyu is in 2.4 shenhe is gonna have some steep competition.

  4. Yun Jin should have been Hydro. Not only Dragon's Bane would make sense in her hands, but hydro polearm user is still open position in the game. I'd even say some of her design elements look like they were meant for Hydro rather than Geo character. I'd guess she might have been turned Geo in later stages to complement Itto and Gorou.

  5. It's hard to watch the entire video because it's already leaked that she will be PHYSICAL DPS. Its ok to not talk about leaks on videos but refusing to at least read then offline makes guessing videos difficult to watch because we kinda already know whar she will be

  6. Geo yunjin pair with pyro/hydro char xl/xq bcs want always trigger geo reaction cyrstallize shield..at same time give more dmg if enemy effected by hydro/pyro..dragonbane passive.. Did you know geo em1000++ shield crystallize > noelle shield talent lvl13 def2.4k > diona shield talent lvl13 40k hp.. For now em not funtion for geo but if yunjin dmg or heal based on em, yunjin will be second strongest shield after zhongli shield.. I hope yunjin same like noelle can dps, heal and shield… Since crystillize shield only work for 1char high em only n yunjin need to on field to active her crystillize shield always so i think yunjin will be dps healer shield like that or dps shield.. .that my speculation


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