I crowned Kuki Shinobu's Burst and its cute, literally.. | Genshin Impact

A quick damage showcase of Kuki Shinobu’s Elemental Burst with Support and Crit Build. Do take note that Kuki is not a DPS which is why this is not a clear representation of how Kuki is utilized.

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36 thoughts on “I crowned Kuki Shinobu's Burst and its cute, literally.. | Genshin Impact”

  1. Her only strength comes from being the only electro healer, other than that she seems weak. I guess she might fit in a budget electro-charge comp as the healer but even then Xingqiu could be enough to keep the team alive. Probably not worth investing in

  2. I'm just man they didn't give her a ninja run like animation on sprint. Literally a miss opportunity and it's Def showing that Hoyoverse is being very lazy with Genshin.

  3. full em build is way better i guess, she is just electro healer and electro applier.

    it just my calculation, i still don't get her :v (YOIMIYA ALL THE WAY)

  4. She looks Dendro ready. Her fast electro application definitely has something to do with new reactions, because it doesn't make sense for hoyoverse to make a new unit this underwhelming otherwise.

  5. She's a nice character, with nice utility. But her burst scaling is too disappointing. Even if a character isn't meant to be DPS, just support, I still believe they should deal some damage at least.

  6. I honestly think her scaling is intentionally so bad so that we're encouraged to build her full EM… any crit build is immediately outdamaged by even 0 EM overload, and her EM passive for healing allows her to heal almost the same amount with full EM as she can with a proper healing build. She has icd but it's not a bad thing, because it allows her to reliably be the trigger for reactions every 3 seconds (if you have c4 shinobu you get 3 extra procs over her duration as well)


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