How Good Are They After The Changes? – GENSHIN IMPACT

Nerfing two of the upcoming characters in the next patch when Wuthering Waves is coming out in just a few days? Hoyoverse, what the Hell do you think you’re doing?

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0:00 Intro
0:05 Buffs & Nerfs
0:30 Clorinde’s Most Impactful Change
1:33 Clorinde’s Team DMG
5:41 Sigewinne Catch Up
6:15 Fischl’s Bad?
6:59 Does She Suck?
7:52 Sethos!
8:17 Main DPS vs Quickswap
8:57 No Wanderer’s Troupe
10:37 Sethos’ Poor Performance
11:45 Outro


33 thoughts on “How Good Are They After The Changes? – GENSHIN IMPACT”

  1. I forgot to include a segment about the newest Clorinde change and I don't want to go back and waste another day on it so I'll put it here. The nerf in duration on her skill now fits appropriately with the ~9s rotation most other characters have when including her burst. Using her burst isn't a DPS loss either, they just made it a requirement for her now and compensated for any possible DPS loss with a minor damage buff.

  2. Them nerfing the 4 star is such a Genshin team thing to do 💀 4 stars aren't allowed to be good or even decent anymore.

    Also no way you're calling Baizhu a bad teammate for an electro carry who wants heals for Furina 💀

  3. Didn't they BUFF sethos? Bolts going from 300 to 350% EM, and him getting 6 to 8 in a realistic rotation so a 300-400% EXTRA dmg 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  4. Ain't no way he said Baizhu is a bad teammate, when he is one of the most used dendro unit alongside Nahida in Aggravate and Hypercarry teams in abyss.

    Meanwhile, his recommendations have like <5% usage in abyss XD

  5. I love how you are making huge misinformation on furina and baizhu. Never make another video like this again.

    Furina is a sub dps with huge buffing capabilities with her bis teams involving baizhu for dendro, charlotte for cryo, and xianyun/jean for anemo healer shreads. Clearly you dk tf you are talking about.

    Not to mention baizhu BUFFS reactoons dumbass…

  6. 7:15 So… this means Siegwinne pretty much defines meta for theater? (buffer 2-core that works with every carry 2-core of other elements) (also: don't google theater if you don't want leaks!)

  7. I REALLY REALLY need them to add HP scaling to Sigewinne`s charged attacks.

    She has a really cute animation and it would be cool to use her as an aimed machine gun instead of just a forced quickswap.

  8. I've never heard anyone refer to Furina as a "defensive" support..?

    If anything she's the most offensive support ever, she increases your dmg by a ton at the cost of constantly draining your hp, how is she a defensive unit? unless you mean her healing form?🤔

  9. Chlorinde did great dmg, self heal, had fun gameplay and now chlorinde does great dmg, has great self heal and fun gameplay -1.5 seconds. Like, who cares bro? In the grand scheme of things, and rlly think abt it, her rotations are quicker and u now have a reason to use her burst to fill in downtime. She’s still good.

    Sethos and sige tho are just there to be there. Hoyo fans complain when released chars are too good and forces them to pull, then complains when chars are bad cuz now they dont want to pull. Just pull if u like lol.

  10. Well, Baizhu can buff aggravate dmg by 40% when in ult, heal the whole team by an insane amount of damage and give a resistance interruption up to 5 or 6 time (Xingqiu can only tank 4 at C1)

    Furthermore he is dendro so you can play aggravate AND swirl electro (Nahida's application is to high for it) and you don't have to worry about his ER thanks to prototype amber, electro resonance and Fischl. But if aggravate isn't your thing and you prefer playing Furina then he heals the team to keep everyone alive

    Why is Baizhu a bad support again ?
    I don't get how Furina is one of Clorinde's best supports but all the healers of the game are bad, ever heard of bleed ? I don't see why doing no damage is necessarily a thing to avoid, in my opinion confort and survivability are important too
    I think Hoyo has lowered Clorinde's self heal so we have to consider bringing a healer in our team at one point (if I didn't understand her kit properly just ignore this little part, elsewise there's my point)

  11. I was going to pull Clor, but finding out 5.0 is making it where the characters can get to level 100, and talents to 12/15(c6), I’m not pulling for any new characters for a long time. The materials it will take for the 5.0 update is going to be a ton


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