Genshin Impact Switch Release.. Should We Be Worried??

Genshin Impact is still supposedly coming to Nintendo Switch. Mihoyo took the time to respond to me a few months ago confirming it’s still coming but stating there’s nothing new to announce at that time. However, I’m starting to get worried about the Genshin Impact Switch version. Mihoyo has been REALLY quiet for far too long. Should we be worried Genshin Impact for Switch has been cancelled? Let’s talk about it.

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20 thoughts on “Genshin Impact Switch Release.. Should We Be Worried??”

  1. I feel kinda the way I felt when Adam lost to Zeus in record of Ragnarok. Basically everything is lost and we don't have a chance. So pretty much the same as you. like it probably isn't going to get published.

  2. This is what I hope a Nintendo Direct would look like
    Genshin Impact: The Direct first shows, to troll us, Link then Zelda but in breath of the wild sequel outfits then pans around to show the world of Genshin Impact announcing when it well launch and cross platform supported.
    Legend of Zelda NES: An indie developer remade the first Legend of Zelda with certain quality of life improvement guided by Nintendo.
    Command & Conquer remastered
    The Legend of Zelda 2:The cuphead developers remade this game for both Switch and Xbox Series
    Ocarina of Time: The unreal engine 4 fan remake if negotiated and finished to be release to all modern consoles for a limited time as Nintendo’s way to promote the Legend of Zelda series.
    Age of Empires 2 remastered
    Wind Waker: enemy weapons can be kept but they break eventually and other quality of life improvements.
    Fallout 4: Link now playable in the Switch version of Fallout 4
    Disney +
    Skyrim: new Elder Scroll Amiibo where a weapon you make and enchant can be used in Hyrule Warriors and the sequel to Breath of the Wild.
    Immortals Phenyx rising: a new weapon skin looks like the master sword exclusive to the Switch.
    Starcraft Brood War remastered
    Twilight Princess: Shorter tutorial and other quality of life improvements
    Ys series of games crossing with super smash: Adol Christian coming to smash
    The Sequel to Breath of the Wild finally announced demonstrating perfection for any and all fans.

  3. Damn it but I do think it’s still coming if we look at doom eternal, life is strange true colors they all took extra development time, but to me I think they out sourced it to another studio probably Panic button to help them out. Which is a possibility.

  4. My hope is that they aren't on crunch,I mean just take a look at what happened to cyberpunk 2077 and GTA Trilogy;while I do hope we eventually get the game we also have to keep in mind that time management will lead to either a polished product,or a complete joke.:/

  5. The time people wasted on a dumb switch version could have many peoplle used to play the game already on PC instead or get them a ps4/5 instead, because by now should even the most stubborn switch player finally realize, that they will likely see Genshin as port only, once Nintendumb pulls ozt finally a Switch 2 out of the hat.

  6. Last time I checked on this topic the issue is due the way microtransactions are integrated in the game and there were some issues making it compatible with the eShop. Tho it's been a long time since I read that… doubt Nintendo are going to do anything about it if it requires them to do more work than they're used to do other than just releasing the game.

  7. I think this is have to do with Nintendo server are not ready for cross platform gameplay.
    According to my friend, you can play PSN Genshin account in your smartphone, don't know about buying gems but some item are PSN exclusive like wing and sword.

  8. they aim to be a flagship open world anime art style game on STEAM DECK similar as botw on switch . when your game stick with certain console name , then it gonna be massive PR success . because when people think about certain console device they will automatically think about the most famous game that stick to it . for example nintendo switch and BOTW

  9. the main reason is mihoyo don't want genshin living under BOTW shadow anymore , back in the past nobody know what is genshin impact and who is mihoyo so they willing to bear the bad nick name : "another cn garbage clone , rip-off , copy from awesome japanese BOTW" or "Japanese make , CN steal" …etc to attract more attention .
    today is very different genshin impact become massive popular game , a global phenomenon on it own . the last thing mihoyo want to do is turn the clock right back and destroy their entire genshin reputation by a switch version . remember when people think about switch they think about awesome japanese product and game such as BOTW , genshin on the other hand will be forever label as nothing but a CN garbage clone trash that rip-off from japanese awesome game if it come living under nintendo shadow


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