Genshin Impact – Rosaria/Qiqi/Xingqiu/Fischl Freeze & Superconduct Comp

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9 thoughts on “Genshin Impact – Rosaria/Qiqi/Xingqiu/Fischl Freeze & Superconduct Comp”

  1. The concept of this team aside from it reduces physical resist through superconduct and Rosaria's C6 effect, freezes enemies and increases Ocean-Hued Clam bubble damage through physical resistance reduction, Qiqi herself easily maximizes Ocean-hued Clam bubble effect during off-field since Qiqi's talisman effect is basically 100% lifesteal, making it super ultra easy to cap and provide extra AOE DPS for your on field DPS character. It is worthy to note the bubble does not shatter frozen enemies, which is another welcoming factor.


  2. another great run! i was thinking of farming the new set for qiqi since she always steals my 50/50 sadge lmao, but that means burning more resin. also, ur yoimiya is insane as always!

  3. Hi, can you consider testing out the new healing set on jean with healing circlet since she has healing ascension stats? Her ult also stays on field.

    So far i havent seen any CC make a video on it yet, could it be a new meta copium

    Jean without jade cutter its pretty hard to maintain that golden ratio to go burst dps route whereas the new set is pretty f2p friendly with an averaging 3 secs mini nuke and not so demanding on the substats.


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