Genshin Impact – Official Xiao Doombane Gameplay Trailer

Watch the latest trailer for Genshin Impact to get a look at the character, Xiao, in action.

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24 thoughts on “Genshin Impact – Official Xiao Doombane Gameplay Trailer”

  1. My brother american server account has 2 Xiao and 1 Beidou in 10x pull meanwhile mine in asian server just 1x Xiao in 1x pull plus 1 Wolf Gravestone in the regular summon in 1x pull too… I got salty because he have C1 Xiao and He got salty because he want Wolf Gravestone than Xiao xD

  2. When the war with Snezhnaya breaks out it would be dope if Xiao reforms the Yakshas and he chooses super strong vision wielders that don't necessarily have to be Adepti except Ganyu of course, if this does happen then she'll definitely be the new cryo yaksha


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