Genshin Impact, but my team is ACTUALLY random

Today in Genshin Impact, we’re again randomizing our team for the abyss, but this time, no rerolls.

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0:00 Intro, New Rules
0:53 RNG Team for Floor 9
2:42 Building Floor 9 Team
4:56 Floor 9
8:11 RNG Team for Floor 10
9:40 Building Floor 10 Team
11:04 Floor 10
14:45 RNG Team for Floor 11
16:58 Building Floor 11 Team
19:15 Floor 11


29 thoughts on “Genshin Impact, but my team is ACTUALLY random”

  1. Moga: Do I really need to build Yanfei? She's basically there for resonance
    Also Moga: Not hesistantly gave his level 1 aloy the polar star…

    We can see some past 100 pull C6 yanfei hate XD

  2. Shenhe, Lisa, (phys) Rosaria and sayu would also be good together. Shenhne increases cryo/phys dmg an lisa decreases phys res, Rosaria can do great phys damage and sayu for healing ans swrtl

  3. In your Eula party should have put noblese on Aloy. She has a 40 cost bust w a 12 sec cooldown. Use her only to keep noblese up. Also, 5 particles on her Skill, but you had Shogun so that wouldn't have mattered much.

  4. I definitely like this version of challenge more!! its fun to see him try to navigate gameplay with characters that he doesn't usually use even if they are not 'god mode' and how to work with completely random teams!! Great video ! 🥰

  5. Disregarding tales of dragon slayer on catalyst character, which is one of the busted support item? you'll never use lisa or yanfei as a normal hit DPS anyway, so why not slap a TTDS on them to provide a 48% attack boost on your carry?
    And why not equip tenacity or noblesse on one "deadweight" character per team?

  6. My absolute favorite team to run is my Eula with Raiden, Zhongli, and C6 rosaria! With rosaria's physical damage buffs, cryo application, Zhongli's shield with resistance shred, and Raiden superconducts, it's a god-like team that annihilates abyss 12 like a hot knife through butter. Raiden also makes an amazing DPS for during eula's downtime. Try it!


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