FURINA Teams Guide Pt. 1: FREEZE & TASER (Best Healers, Rotations, and more!) Genshin Impact 4.2

Learn how to build the BEST Furina teams with this guide series, starting with Freeze and Taser teams. This team building guide will show you how to choose the best healer and DPS for your team, rotation examples, gameplay and build tips, and more! Taser teams are especially strong right now in 4.2 Spiral Abyss, so definitely give them a try with your Furina. #GenshinImpact #Furina #hoyocreators

Main Furina Guide: https://youtu.be/AacHyAmWndk
4.2 Spiral Abyss Guide: https://youtu.be/09TQfVKI6wE
Charlotte Guide: https://youtu.be/2TppCceBx6I

0:00 Intro to Furina Team Building Series
1:42 Why Healers Are Important
3:45 Freeze Healers
8:09 Freeze Playsyles, DPS Options
11:36 Freeze Teams & Rotation Samples
14:02 Taser Healers
15:40 Taser Playstyles, DPS Options
18:38 Taser Teams & Rotation Samples

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47 thoughts on “FURINA Teams Guide Pt. 1: FREEZE & TASER (Best Healers, Rotations, and more!) Genshin Impact 4.2”

  1. I am playing a mixed team with Furina, Mona with Prototype Amber for healing and resonance, Ganyu and Yoimiya. It is fun to play, make some freeze, melt and vaporize. So far so good!

  2. My team choiches cam be quite limited since i just got back to playing rn i have wrio – shenhe – furina and for the last slot im thinking of getting kokomi? ( i dont have 4 star healers except barbara😭)

  3. Furina is definitely the first character so far that pushed the boundaries of the meta. Healers were already a staple before in teams, but because of her and her bonkers kit, she made even the most underused healer characters in the game take the spotlight and the most used ones even broken than they already are.

    This is just my opinion, but Furina set the standard for future characters by being INNOVATIVE and literally game-changing.

  4. One thing I think is interesting is that Single -Target healers, suddenly aren't that way in Co-Op where everyone is now an Active character.

    I was artifact farming with buddies and I was worried my friends wouldn't be able to keep up with my highly invested C2 Furina with their Bennet and Kuki, but it went a lot smoother than I anticipated.

  5. been playing since launch and analysed theorycrafter numbers since the first crumbs of Furina's kit were leaked, but by Nibelung, I'm still going to consume all the Furina content

  6. I was intrigued by you using a freeze team with Jean and no grouper.

    I've tried this and you get a lot more damage in compensation, and the crowd control isn't too bad if there are only a few tanky freezable enemies as you can abuse their AI to group them, and then maintain the freeze. I think it struggles a bit with waves of spread-out trash mobs, but there still should be a way to manage using Ganyu.

    Overall the tradeoff of foregoing grouping nets you so much additional damage, especially in a team like Morganya with Jean instead of Venti.

    Would like to hear your thoughts on this tradeoff between healing/grouping in the anemo slot specifically.

  7. thanks for the video, Furina is really fun to play and have many team comp, she is my first limited 5 start character that I pulled for constelation, took me around 200 pulls to get her C2, now my favourite team for her is mono hydro with Furina/Yelan/Kokomi/Xingqiu

  8. So, I've been running the Premium freeze comp, it seems. Had Jean built forever as she carried me when I first started the game and had Shenhe from the start (Itto and Shenhe were my first 50/50 pull wins, and I rarely have won since until Furina, lol). Ayaka has been my main since I paid to make sure I could utilize Shenhe's full potential; now, Furina has just untapped the full potential of all three.

  9. I've been loving Furina. She and Kokomi have been inseparable since I pulled her. Mostly been running mono hydro with Yelan and Kazuha, but now I might finally build Jean and try her as an alternative to Kokomi for some team variety.

  10. Electro charge teams were super strong and forgiving for bad rotation before dendro and with furina electro charge is back.

    I never deviated from the path of shocking my enemy into submission.

    P.S – I dont have dendro characters except DMC and collie.

  11. No, break bottom, if Qiqi is ok, she lower, SHE is a TREAT more then any monster in the game. I can understand risk-revad Hu Tao, but here is just plain first ENEMY!

  12. really looking forward to the rest of this guide series! not even a new player (been here since 1.1), but I still find it a bit overwhelming trying to figure out all the interesting ways to play furina

  13. A minor addition to the video: A team-archetype that somehow falls RIGHT in the middle of the two archetypes this video covers – Physical carries (so just Eula and Razor+copium).

    Cryo and Electro will form the core for superconduct. And a healer would be needed to complete the Furina pair.

    In case of Eula – Fischl or Raiden are great options. I prefer Fischl cause if paired with Raiden instead – Furina usually starts the rotation and Raiden ends it, so she won't benefit from Furina's buff. The healer roll would be fulfilled with Charlotte or Mika but as you point out in this video, Mika is better for the AS buff for on-field NA carries. So Eula, Fischl, Furina and Mika is a sample comp.

    For Razor – again Mika and Charlotte would form the superconduct core and consolidate the healer role in only one slot, with Mika probably being better for the same reason as above. With Furina, there's still a flex slot left (this doesn't happen with Eula cause of no teamwide healer options with Electro). I wonder how strong buffers like Yunjin would be as the 4th option, but really anything reasonable like Yelan for double hydro should be fine.
    As is common knowledge, physical Razor additionally requires pretty high level of blood-copium concentration but this double hydro team actually sounds really damm strong to the point where only very small dosages of copium should suffice.

    I'm not that creative with team building so please suggest any improvements!

  14. Im struggling to build a team for neuvillette with furina since I dont have jean or charlotte so I use kazuha, while its easier to get stacks with yaoyao I cant swirl hydro and qiqi feels weird to play who should I choose?


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