EARLY PITY?! [Genshin Impact Swords Only]

Early Pity! I Got Early Pity! This NEVER happens! Question is, what did we get?… Will the Genshin Impact Gods smile upon me, or torment and mock my Swords Only account yet again?

MiHoYo put out a tweet saying “Polearm Impact”… So I decided to take it upon myself to make a new account, but only use characters who wield a sword because absolutely nobody asked me to.

Link to the Swords Only Playlist:



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  1. Did you hear about the new polearm only and the bow only? The bow only is made by Deelo and polearm only by
    Kekvin, they were both inspired by you btw i think. 🙂

  2. I don't think with 2k or 4k attack azadaha is gonna die…. Java consider changing good artifacts…. and pls have only one dps… ND one sub dps.. one support… ND a healer.. that will help a lot…

  3. since you can only use swords and your luck is that. mine is literally bad i have 70 pity of the standerd banner and i still have not got any 5 star from it and i really wanted diluc and all the other 4 star are swords ._.

  4. I really wish trading was a thing, I would not only give him the keqing I got but I would gladly take the Diluc’s he got, cause that’s my main dps that I’m trying to build, I would also gladly give him Jean and Qiqi, cause I don’t use them…at all..so..yeah..

    But trading isn’t a thing and probably never will be so we’re just S.o.l.

  5. Few tips for Azdaha:
    1) u can see which elements he's gonna absorb – they're shown on the door
    2) with the electro-fase, look at the ground. On the ground you can see stripes, and within those stripes his electro-attacks will be. It looks like a clock, and in between certain stripes you can stand without being damaged
    3) when he jumps, RUN, to the back of the arena. you can't hurt him during his element change anyway, so running is better

  6. If you need it, here’s a small guide on azdaha, firstly, elements of the boss are predetermined and can be seen from outside the boss fight, where there’ll be two sigils of either electro, hydro, pyro or cryo. The phases will be in order, for example, if the pyro sigil is on top, it’ll be the pyro phase first, then the second sigil on the second phase. Note that during these elemental phases, azdaha gains increased resistances to the respective elements.
    For the pyro phase, he shoots out fire balls which do an instance of damage, then some DoT effect on the ground afterwards. Iirc his spike explosion attack is also now pyro. The difficulty with this phase is that ANY damage triggers the domain effect of being consistently damaged since all of those leave the marks on you. Secondly, in the hydro state, he’ll summon 4-5 balls(I forgot) of hydro which constantly spins around him. They are relatively close to azdaha’s main body so it’s better for you to stick closer to them rather than in the middle. Afterwards he’ll do his normal Geo attacks. Thirdly, for his electro phase, he firsts goes down into the ground, and starts striking lightning around either the whole area, or the majority of the area(I forgot). In this starting phase, you can attack his tail and it’ll do damage to him, however you are not able to bring him down to below 0 hp in this phase. While he does his lightning strike stuff, do note that there is at least one safety zone at any one time where the lightning does not strike. You can take a pause during your attacks to just get there and avoid getting hit, since getting hit causes you to be marked and take even more DoT damage. I suggest that it’ll be best for you to constantly do damage on the tail, and try to avoid taking as much damage as possible during this phase. Afterwards, I don’t really remember much about it, but I am pretty sure he has another skill similar to the hydro one, or that he has some way of doing more electro damage. Finally, for the cryo phase, it’s starting phase is mostly similar to the electro’s starting phase, but with a combination of the fire balls from the fire phase. Azdaha goes underground with his tail out, and you can damage him during this time, however, during this phase, cryo explosions will occur, some of them centred on you, and these explosions last for a while, exploding once about every half of a second or so. The ice actually does pretty high damage and I’ll recommend avoiding it without a consistent shielder. Afterwards he’ll come back up after that phase is over. However, this is the part where I find most annoying. This is because during this second part of the cryo phase, he will consistently shoot a burst of cryo missiles at you once every few seconds (about 10s or so) and this cryo missiles do high damage too. They also interrupt your character, and could outright kill them as well. So. That’s an explanation on what each of its phases do. Another thing to note is that, at the endings of each second phase(when the boss is on its second elements), if you do not clear it fast enough, he’ll start randomly spewing attacks from both elements that he has, causing for him to be able to do reactions such as freezing, overloaded, electro-charged and vaporise and etc. so be careful about that.
    For now that’s about it, but one thing to note is that, with melee characters, it’s better for you to stay around its side, to his back. This is better so that he will not do any frontal attacks, and he will stay where he is, one tricky part is to avoid his tail hits. For the jumping attacks, keep in mind that, if it’s just his normal jumping attack, and not the endings and beginnings of a new phase, you can spam your dash on his hit box, and as long as you got the first dash’s timing right, the second dash will also be timed right for his second jump as well. As for his phase switch, just run out of his range, only well invested shielders are able to take the hits, even so, their shield’s hp would still be running low.

    This is what I can think of at the moment, and don’t take me too seriously on the exact details, like cryo missiles being every 10s. It is an estimation and I kinda forgot what he does since I’ve quit genshin but here’s what I can offer as help.

  7. idk whether you know this but most people doesnt seem to know
    when reviving a character with food the game pauses if you open the inventory and eat unlike just clicking the character on the fighting screen and getting other characters killed ;]

  8. Does Java know that the door of the domain shows the element and is not COMPLETELY random?



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