Cyno vs Sethos Epic Fight – Genshin Impact 4.6 CUTSCENE



36 thoughts on “Cyno vs Sethos Epic Fight – Genshin Impact 4.6 CUTSCENE”

  1. It would be great that as easteregg after the new character quest he would have a little buff to his burst, even small for just a joke like 1% more damage on basic attack

  2. If Sumeru desert has new 3-4 playable characters that born or lives in there alongside extra pockets of little villages or smaller town, I'm pretty sure that players will appreciate Sumeru lore and maybe its very expansive sandy environments so much more

    Especially if it's went during Sumeru patch cycles

  3. Really hoped Genshin'S combat could feel like their cutscenes, but Hoyo specifically designed this game to be an open world exploration in mind despite it's a huge part of it. I will not stop yapping how much potential Genshin always and could be implemented if they cut down on size for map and focusing on the actions or synergy choreography formula on each characters. Because who wouldn't want this level of immersive battles in the open world or Abyss? Veterans could appreciate it and new players would feel more compelled to stay if they don't have that need to pull just to advance the story out of necessity. I don't care Meta or balance issue, I just want to have fun with so much things that made us experiment further with all characters we've bond and play with for years… T_T;


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