COMPLETE SHENHE GUIDE [Best Shenhe Build, Weapons, Artifacts & Teams] | Genshin Impact 2.4

Here it is, my complete Shenhe build guide! We’ll be going over the best Shenhe build, the best 4 and 5 star weapons for Shenhe, the best Shenhe artifacts and the best Shenhe team comps/teammates. I’ve included some of my recent Shenhe gameplay, combos and rotation tips! Hopefully this will help answer how to build Shenhe for your account.

0:00 About Shenhe
0:54 Shenhe’s Kit Explained
4:54 How to Build Shenhe
5:31 Best Shenhe 4 and 5 Star Weapons
9:01 Best Shenhe Artifacts
10:59 Are Shenhe Constellations Worth It?
13:10 Best Shenhe Teams/Teammates
17:36 Shenhe Gameplay Tips
19:11 Final Thoughts

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23 thoughts on “COMPLETE SHENHE GUIDE [Best Shenhe Build, Weapons, Artifacts & Teams] | Genshin Impact 2.4”

  1. tbh i love shenhe her design and ascetic is everything i want in a character however i don't need another support, do you think that it would be possible to make her a good sub dps if not i'll just go for Ms miko instead

  2. ah finally someone mentioning Kaeya! I try for days finding the best team comp i can get with what i have as i have no intention to get Ganyu or Ayaka q,q I even levelled Rosaria and was about to raise Mona… i would love to have Kazuha free and do Shenhe, Kaeya, Rosaria and Kokomi but I miss 36 Stars just by a little bit with this team

  3. another stellar one here. very helpful and clearly presented. I have her almost completely built and I've been enjoying her. That said, your rotation tips aren't something that I considered so I very much appreciate the help!

    Honestly, she's not as niche or hard to use as people have been suggesting. I fully agree that she isn't very F2P friendly, nor is she early game friendly but that doesn't make her bad. I've been using her with Zhongli, Chongyun, and Kazuha with great delight. I tried her with Ayaka but I'm a terrible Ayaka player so I need more practice there. Boomer fingers and mobile gaming make Ayaka's skill requirement a bit higher than I can achieve at the moment lol

  4. I'm honestly shocked by how much I love Shenhe. I've known for a few weeks now that I wanted to pull her for a team with c1 ganyu/c1 sayu/c6 sucrose but I didn't expect her to be THIS strong and fun to use. I'm doing way more damage than I did with ganyu/diona/mona/sucrose, and having a lot more fun. Ended up pulling c1 and like her even more now.

  5. I pull her for ganyu, then i have her with calamity
    But i find problem on her, it's energy recharge
    I have 148% er but, it's verry² long to wait her energy back, meanwhile my ganyu has only 100% er and i don't find any problem with it on her.
    I don't know.. how much er for her, mybe i should find 15% er in every artifact for shenhe.

  6. I don't get why Vortex Vanquisher is getting bad rep from ppl(not you tho). Sure it has relatively lower base atk, but the atk boost from substat is high enough to make up for it. If there's any character in Genshin rn that fits the weapon nicely, its Shenhe.

  7. just a question here pls answer . i pulled for shenhe with 170 wishes and hot her + c6 CHong . NOW . i want to have dps shenhe + dps cong . will they be bad together this way? i kinda want both of them support each other . chong using e for shenhe to attack . shenhe using E and Q for chong burst … will it be good?

  8. Awesome guides as usual. Just wanna confirm something, I have Shenhe C6 so i ain't capped in terms of quills but in order to get her C4 stacks maxed consistently then I would need to Q and E Shenhe then Q + E my Ayaka then Q + E ganyu then swap to Shenhe and repeat ? Will that eventually lead to max stacks from her C4? Sorry her C4 description and her kit overall rly gets me confused. I am trying to maximize the full dmg potential from Shenhe and with my other cyro characters.


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