CAUTION Before you Buy anything THIS MONTH | August 2021 Masterless Starglitter Shop Genshin Impact

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39 thoughts on “CAUTION Before you Buy anything THIS MONTH | August 2021 Masterless Starglitter Shop Genshin Impact”

  1. hah, i randomly got Beidou on my 1st draw on Ayaka's banner, before i even get Beidou for free, so that gives me C1 Beidou after earning needed currencies. Despite being non-rate-up on the current banner. My friend also got Noelle at random while trying to pull for Ningguang, of which I happen to get at around 40th pull.

  2. Maybe its the desire sensor but my Noelle is still at C1 (and that C1 is from today's shop) and my Barbara is still at C2. And I've been playing since Day 1. Meanwhile characters I don't use at all are all C20+. At this rate my lvl1 Diluc (C4 now) will get C6 before both of them.

  3. I am always astonished how so many people don’t understand that buying ONE fate for five starglitter is an absolutely terrible deal. To get these 5 starglitter back, you need to make around THIRTY wishes (3x 4-star items). That’s trading 30 fates for one. One. And we all know how often single wishes give a 3 star weapon and ruin your day. That’s a scam if I ever seen one.

  4. I'm down to 19 Starglitter after getting Blackcliff Longsword and Blackcliff Slasher from the shop. RIP

    I'll get more since I'm pulling for Yoimiya in about 10 days. Here's hoping I get her early so I can save for Ba'al.

  5. No amount of hits makes the royal weapon passives good. They are only somewhat helpful if your crit rate is low, which is unlikely to be the case if you do a moderate amount of artifact farming. The net gain in crit rate is not that high generally. And the passive is completely useless endgame since getting a decent amount of crit rate is the goal of pretty much any DPS character. I highly recommend not getting the royal bow. Why get that when you could get blackcliff, craft prototype crescent (same stats with a passive that actually scales with an endgame build), or even craft the inazuma bow (prolly similarish stats, again, with a passive that actually scales with an endgame build)?

  6. So true Noelle haunts me so much she appears at every single banner I've pulled when she's not rated up. please leave me alone Noelle your never getting built. Somebody take her from me 😭😭

  7. I rather doubt they will have shop discounts, new packages maybe, but likely little, to no discounts. Then Royal weapons are actually pretty good, as it means if you don't have stacked crit rate rolls on your artifacts, you can crit more often, and Noelle is a pretty solid character.

    I really think the fact he's a whale is influencing these comments, as sure, if you're rolling around with all sort of 5* this, and that, plus have all those ideal, to near ideal artifacts from resin refreshing, those things would be weak, and you likely use those shops for stuff a lot since you do a lot of pulls to get those currencies, but many of us aren't in that position.


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