BIGGEST PLOT TWIST in Genshin Impact So Far

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A leify lore streamer’s summary on the 4.2 Archon Quest

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24 thoughts on “BIGGEST PLOT TWIST in Genshin Impact So Far”

  1. Furina as a character is so melodramatic. I don’t really pity her that much when she gets to eat cake all day and lord over an entire nation.

    I’m so glad she’s not the real Archon.

  2. I have a theory that Lumine is actually the 3rd Descender, knowing that she did in fact come into teyvat before Aether, not in the same time, and after her journey when she collected all the elemental power, she was destroyed and instead, one piece of her was created in teyvat, this is why nahida tells us that lumine's journey ends in a blur and that she is from teyvat, which is ridiculous since she was always with us before meeting with the Sustainer

  3. Fontaine is the best archon quest and I think it will be until sneznayah comes. Natlan probably will have big secrets so it could be possible that it would be better than Fontaine but who knows

  4. So since Nahida said that Celestia has been inactive ever since Cataclysm, and they didn't do anything even after archon's throne being destroyed, does that mean Focalors just clowned herself since Celestia wouldn't have done anything either way???

  5. just a theory that come to mind: there is one big problem with all this "curse" stuff, and it is the whale been unrelated to Celestia. I mean, its like Celestia did nothing, really, just some dude said that Fontaine will drown and dissolve, just because oceanids are unstable in human form. And Celestia have nothing to do with that.
    SO the theory is, what if second slate was Egeria not asking for forgiveness, but for help to save them from the whale? Like, she made new race, and turns out there is giant beast, hungry for their blood. And Celestia, being unable to help without absolute authority of Hydro(50/50 with dragons), just floating around Fontaine to keep an eye to drop some nails, if narwhal goes beyond borders of Fontaine
    That would explain alot of white spots in the story

  6. Wait I have a question ? I don't know I am being stupid or what but in every region except for mondstadt we get two archon story quest and in the second one a new weekly boss . But what about Fontaine?? Furina is not the archon anymore so how we get a new weekly boss is it gonna be neuvillet second quest or furina gonna get a second story quest or maybe a completely new character quest ? So if you have any idea then tell me 😅

  7. Well actually she destroyed the archon throne as a mean to save the people of Fontaine. This act gave teh hydro authorithy back to the Hydro dragon so he could make the Fontainians true humans and save them from the primordial water.

  8. Yeah… and watching Furina repeat the same process day after day after day after day for centuries, even crying without even realizing it at some point and just not being able to say a word to anyone was just super painful to watch.
    It broke my heart when she was at nothing from just trusting the traveler and open up to them but ultimately just brushed off that idea (but again ig it would've messed up the whole plan for real)
    I got even more emotional damage from seeing her litterally weeping on her throne and remembering how she felt like everyone she trusted just turned their back on her….
    But for some reason, the fact that she wasn't the real hydro archon wasn't as shoking as I thought to me, but the fact that she was really human with a limited lifespan that was just put on hold by a curse was


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