ATSU FANS ARE INSANE (Asianguygamer) I Genshin Impact Drama

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28 thoughts on “ATSU FANS ARE INSANE (Asianguygamer) I Genshin Impact Drama”

  1. I will be brutally honest, if I knew that the guy who ruined my life attempted to his life, I'd say :

    "Wow, not only you failed as a human being but you also failed at that? Sad to be you, man 😒"

    Tectone was pretty soft here.

  2. Lol, the guy can't even defend himself. The only thing I didn't like about your rebuttal is the analogy of suicide thing. I wish he didn't gave that analogy or gave more context because if someone is looming in your head that if you leave and that person will do it. It's not your fault. Normal people don't do that only manipulators do that.

  3. How (in Teccy's words) can someone become this "shallow and pedantic,"? I cant even imagine how can a person be this naive of what Atsu is doing. That 34 page docs is 1 page guilt trip and 33 pages of manipulation 101.

  4. You know what's worse? If you read everything ATSU literally expose himself for…
    1) He control his friends…
    2) He kept bad friends…
    3) He dump his feelings TO the obviously people who lives 0 fk…
    4) He also shows he hates some people…

    He's not a clown… He's the entire circus!

  5. Slayshantay Slayshantay Slayshanty
    tut tut tut
    manipulation is a thing and VERY MUCH so recognized by phycologists world wide, arguing that someone isn't capable manipulating a situation just plain dumb. You being 19 really shows you know nothing.
    Please be careful in life cause someone can and will hurt you using suicide as a way to force you to stay with them. Your attitude and outlook is just a product of you being so young and having not met someone willing to go that far.

  6. in my eyes, this whole `doc drop` from Atsu. was just a way to build traction to self promo he`s stream.
    and depending how the public catches it, he`ll probably try and get back into content creation.

  7. The Atsu fanbase that are still defending him are like the viewers from that one tik tok where they'rr gonna send some murderer or sexual assaulter to jail but since he was handsome everyone was vouching for him to be free and not suffer the consequences, like bitch what? It almost feels like like a repeat cause now we have Atsu being defended all cause "Oh but he was the wholesome guy and he's not tectone" even though the evidence is literally there from every other CCs POV and his own god damn 64 page documents.

  8. Every Atsu supporter has either no information about the drama in the past and got manipulated by the first 3 paragraphs OR just allergic to actual facts backed up by proof. Great video man.

  9. Bro.. DURING WUWA live streaming, TecTone NEVER MENTION or bring ATSU to the topic. Tecky was enjoying Wuwa like everyone dose.. Until.. ATSU pop out with this useless PDF essay that took 34 page and still bring the same topic that triggered the catalyst.. And he keeps mentioning TechTon in that Essay.. This ATSU need to shut up and get a new live..

  10. Some people are just mentally ill and that you should not entertain their opinion because they're just that fucking ret*rded. Imagine being in a class in highschool, and the class clown has some dumb shit to ask the teacher, would you give that guy's opinion a chance? NO! That guy's a moron, and guess what they motherf*cker grew up and now says dumb shit in Twitch chat. If someone's ret*rded just ban and ignore there's no point in entertaining their stupid opinions.


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