Albedo & Cinnabar Spindle R2 Broken F2P Weapons 55k DMG Per S – Albedo Gorou Combo

Video show Genshin Impact 2.3 Albedo & Cinnabar Spindle R2 Broken F2P Weapons 55k DMG Per S – Albedo Gorou Combo Albedo Gorou Zhongli 3 Geo Team DMG Showcase 2021 on android iOS PC version 2021 , nintendo switch Build Guide artifacts
00:00 Stats
00:27 Crit rate 20% Food
01:43 Full Food
04:04 2 Geo Test
05:11 Domain 75%
05:30 12-1
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“原神” is a brand new open world adventure game independently developed by miHoYo. The game takes place in a fantasy world called “提瓦特”, where the person chosen by God will be awarded the “神之眼” to guide the power of the elements. You will play a mysterious character called “旅行者”. In free tr***el, you will find different companions with different personalities and ability to defeat powerful enemies and find lost relatives. At the same time, gradually explore ” The truth of the “原神”.
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27 thoughts on “Albedo & Cinnabar Spindle R2 Broken F2P Weapons 55k DMG Per S – Albedo Gorou Combo”

  1. I hav albedo he was my very first 5 star and I never regretted , and this only makes me feel better 🔥
    Btw jack did u hear xiao is getting a new artifact set in 2.4 or 2.5 it's just a rumour but I hope xiao does cz he will be more awesome then 🌚

  2. Lol Guys you are dreaming. This is REALLY BAD.
    My current Albedo has 73% crit rate and I do 17k per E without Zhongli and Gorou.
    This means that my unbuffed Albedo deals more damage than your buffed Albedo xDDD

    And you call that op ?

  3. as a f2p i usually use albedo pair with zhongli to support full carry hu tao. i use 4tom Hp%,Geo,crit% starglitter zhongli with 37k hp, and 4petra def%,geo,critdmg HoD albedo with 1500 def. at least with 2 geo 53/200 it give extra contant 11k damage for each 2s blossom hit.

    are husk 4set can be really BiS for him better than bonus elemental damage from 4set petra as a main carry support? i constantly have 3k geo shock from zhongli (only 57-76k burst damage), xingqiu as a hu tao pair with 10-25k e skill, and 4-6k water blade damage, and hu tao with arround 10-18k for first hit charge and 50-58k for the second hit with shimenawa (burst only 102k when vaporize). are i still need to push damage support on albedo or keep my buff support albedo?

    cuz i leveled my cinabar to 90 and have quite decent husk 4set at+20 but the ratio quite low 43/156 when equiped with cinabar albedo 2.5k def. but i think my xinqiu e skill drop 3-7k and hutao drop around 5-8k while charged, while blossom seems rarely crit even with finished papiloma state buff.


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